5.11 Tactical Active Patrol Breaching Kit 50267

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  • Kit Contents: 1 MultiPry, 1 MultiSledge, 1 Lite Kit Bag
  • US Made Tools
  • MultiPry Length: 28"
  • MultiPry Weight: 5.4 lbs.
  • MultiSledge Length: 27"
  • MultiSledge Weight: 6.8 lbs.
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    The 5.11 Tactical Active Patrol Breaching Kit contains two entry tools suited for law enforcement and emergency service agencies. The MultiPry tool combines hardened fabrication with enhanced leverage to allow quick and easy defeat of security portals and the MultiSledge combines a hammer, ram, saw rake, and pry tool to make short work of any door or barricade in your way.


    • Kit Contents: 1 Lite Kit Bag, 1 MultiPry, 1 MultiSledge
    • Compact, intelligent portal defeat solution
    • Stores easily in your trunk or locker
    • US Made Tools, Imported Bag

    MultiPry Details:

    • 5.4 lbs
    • 28" Length
    • Made in the USA with Global Materials
    • Handle shaft ends in a forked pry bar
    • Multi-function pry bar effective against most portals
    • Made of high-strength, lightweight hydraulic pipe steel
    • TractionTeeth minimize slippage and maximize displacement
    • Full Hardened Steel Heads 55-HRC Hardness Rockwell C-Scale

    MultiSledge Details:

    • 6.8 lbs
    • 27" Length
    • Made in the USA with Global Materials
    • Apply the necessary tactic without changing tools
    • Full Hardened Steel Heads 50-HRC Hardness Rockwell C-Scale
    • Four breaching tools in one: hammer, ram, rake, and pry bar
    • Sling attachment points for easy carry and quick application
    Controlled Item – Sale of this item is restricted to Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders only.

    Reviews / Q&A