Tactical Backpacks

When you need a backpack, LA Police Gear has durable, high-quality items you can trust. Our military backpacks are designed for you, so whether you need a sleek and compact EDC bag or a spacious bug-out survival bag, we have what you need. Explore our assortment of bags and backpacks for your next mission today!

How to Pack a Tactical Backpack

The way you pack a backpack depends on your mission and comfort and, if done right, one can hold many useful pieces of gear. Everyone has a different way to pack their favorite tactical backpack, but you may want a checklist to make sure you don’t forget something.

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How to Pack a Tactical Backpack

Ultimate Care Guide: How to Clean Your Tactical Backpack

So, you picked the best tactical backpack for your needs and you’ve taken the time to pack it accordingly. Choosing the right tactical backpack sometimes isn’t easy, as you likely use it for many purposes. You may use it to store equipment, like your favorite pair of tactical boots. Or, you may use it for carrying survival gear on your first hiking adventure. You want your bag to last for years to come, so you must learn how to clean and take care of it.

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Ultimate Care Guide - How to Clean Your Tactical Backpack


Essential Tactical Backpacks

A backpack is a must when it comes to completing your gear or uniform. Whether you’re an off-duty soldier or using it in the field, an LA Police Gear tactical backpack can hold everything you need in spacious, organized compartments. PALS webbing allows you to add a swath of MOLLE accessories to it like pouches, D-rings, flashlights, and more. When you’re on the go and need high-quality bags, let LA Police Gear equip you with affordable products you can trust. 

There’s a reason these backpacks are used across multiple industries. The durable fabric and MOLLE-compatible PALS webbing that characterize tactical backpacks make it a bag that can handle and carry everything you need.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Tactical Backpack

Guest content written by Hilary Rodela

A tactical backpack should have a pocket and place for everything you need and more! When you are on the lookout for a good tactical backpack you need to first consider what you are using the backpack for. For instance, is it for hiking, the range, office work, the gym, or on duty? Once you determine the purpose of the backpack, you can consider particular features you may need in a bag.


The size of the tactical bag you choose will depend on your end goal for the bag. For instance, my favorite hiking backpack is on the smaller side but fits everything I need for a day hike. It’s approximately 12” x 10” and has two main compartments. One has pockets for smaller items like pocket knives, flashlights, pens, and magazines. The other is larger and fits my water bottle, food, and anything else I may need for a day hike.

When I was an investigator, I used a larger bag as my “go bag” if I needed to collect evidence at a scene but did not need the entire crime scene van. That backpack was much larger and was similar to the LAPG Atlas 72 Hour tactical backpack. This size of backpack is great for storing multiple items needed for work. Whether you are a patrolman or a crime scene investigator, there are pockets for all items you may need. A bag with quick access is ideal for work so you can get to the items you need conveniently. Having MOLLE on the backpack is equally helpful. These larger bags are made in such a way they are ergonomic so you can carry everything you need without hurting your back. Both LA Police Gear and 5.11 Tactical have a variety of options for these types of backpacks.

A bonus feature that distinguishes a tactical backpack from a traditional backpack is the pockets specifically designed for CCW and accessories. Having those specific pockets makes a tactical bag ideal for on-duty or hiking, hunting, or range day. The larger tactical backpack I have now is specifically for the range.


As mentioned, many tactical backpacks are designed with MOLLE. Depending on what you use the bag for, you can choose from laser-cut MOLE which is just as practical but it is much more subtle than traditional MOLLE.

Most tactical backpacks are made with durable material such as 600D or 900D Polyester or protectant coating to ensure your bag holds up in different weather. When you purchase a tactical backpack you want to make sure it will last for awhile. Thus far I have never had a tactical backpack rip, and I have used my bags on many occasions for years. Some bags are designed with breathable backplates which is a great feature if you intend to wear your backpack for several hours at a time.


The number of compartments on a backpack may determine which bag you choose. Some tactical bags have extra side pouches that may be removed and used on their own or kept clipped to the backpack. This is a very unique and helpful feature as you get more than just one bag, all in one unit.

The LAPG Operator backpack is a great one for camping or a longer hike. Equipped with an adjustable chest strap, waist strap, and additional cinches for the sides of the bag, you can set this backpack up to your liking. Tactical backpacks similar to this one include extra storage and are hydration-compatible. These compartments are ideal for both on and off-duty. For instance, if you are part of a rescue team, this style of bag would be a solid choice. However, it would also be great for longer hikes or camping.


The style of tactical backpack you choose will also depend on what you use the bag for most. Style and compartments go hand in hand but you have to consider both features when choosing a tactical bag. The style of the backpack may depend on how many compartments are included. I go with a more rugged bag for my outdoor activities.

Another helpful and unique design is stealth-type backpacks. I have the LAPG Terrain Stealth backpack and use it every week. It’s my bag for my new role in surveillance and holds everything I need. This style has one strap but it sits nicely across your body so you don’t feel like you are carrying all of the weight on one side. The bag includes both small and large compartments and is CCW-friendly. Additionally, it has a quick-access zipper so I can get to my equipment quickly. It is also a slimmer backpack and is a great work bag.

Where to Find Options

Choose the size, material, and style of bag that best suits your needs. The number of compartments on a tactical backpack should be determined based on what you intend to use that particular bag for.

There are tactical backpacks for every need and you can find just about all types of bags from tactical companies such as LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, Condor, and more. Take a look at LAPG’s site, and narrow down your search with filters to find the best tactical backpack for you.