American Flag Patches

Flag Patches

How often do you find new ways to show your love and pride towards your country? Yes, we all look for such options that allow us to be identified as a proud American. A great way to do so is to follow in the footsteps of those who serve in the military, police, security guards and the first responder teams and go for flag patches for your outfit. Yes, that’s how the Americans can tell everyone that they are proud to be who they are. But there’s more to these patches as they are often used as part of the tactical gear in the law enforcement and serve the purpose of identification for the soldiers. When they are on tactical missions, they wear these patches on their uniform to be identified where they belong and also to discern them from the enemies. This tells them who is who and they focus on the mission rather than identifying their own team members or allies. Whatever your purpose of buying these patches may be, you can have a variety of them from all the top brands around the world.

The flag patches are nothing but small patches featuring the national flag that can be affixed anywhere on the uniform of the soldiers, car windows, weapons, or anywhere else one may like. Besides the national flag, you can easily find alternatives with the flags of different states in the United States of America. There are others that have the flags of other countries like Canada, Ireland, Australia, etc. So, there is an entire selection of patches available here at LAPG. In fact, you can even show your love for the LA Police Gear brand by buying an LAPG patch and affixing it onto your car’s screen. Of course, there are so many amazing options that you can explore and use these patches.

At LAPG, we bring you the widest selection of all the items you may want on your tactical gear let alone these flag patches. We give you a variety of choices by bringing together all the popular brands in the industry in a single place. We offer patches from LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, 5ive Star Gear, Blackhawk, Condor, Hero’s Pride, High Speed Gear, Maxpedition, Mil-Spec Monkey, Nine Line, Rothco, and TRU-SPEC. So, which brand would you like to go with for your next pick?

Want our say? We’d recommend this best-selling Mil-Spec Monkey American Flag Patch that’s been designed specifically for lending a much unique look to our national flag. You can find it in the camo colors as well to make sure it doesn’t look too obvious on your uniform. The product also has hook fastener sewn to its back which makes attaching it to your chest easier than ever. Overall quality of the product is just perfect and we can recommend it to you on any day. Take our word and go for it!

If you want other flag patches for your tactical gear, start exploring our products catalogue now!