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Sometimes change is a good thing.  So when Israeli Medical Combat Bandages started replacing the standard battle dressing issued for decades in the first aid pouch, the change was immediate, and very, very good.  

With three times the pressure of other standard bandages, the Emergency Bandage or The Israeli Bandage is a specially designed, first-aid device that is used to stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds caused by traumatic injuries in the field in life or death emergency situations.  With its patented pressure bar, the Emergency Medical Bandage provides unmatched pressure to a wound, controlling bleeding fast. 

First used for saving lives during a NATO peacekeeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Israeli bandage went on and was successfully used during operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The Emergency Bandage was nicknamed "the Israeli bandage" by American soldiers due to its invention by an Israeli military medic, Bernard Bar-Natan, and has been the emergency medical bandage of choice for the US military and special forces.  

The Israeli Bandage was included in the first aid kits of emergency personnel and first responders at the 2011 Tucson shooting, and was used to successfully treat victims of the shooting. The Emergency Bandage provides multiple uses and is ideal for all sorts of wounds including amputation, so it's perfect to keep on your person in the field and especially in the workplace.  When seconds do count, having tactical gear or even a simple first aid kit containing Israeli Medical Combat Bandages can help you save at least one life, if not more.

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