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We've spent enough time both in the police force and the great outdoors to know that, sometimes, you can't let darkness get in the way of getting things done. Our tactical lights will illuminate a large or small area for hours on end without taking up a lot of space. Lighting technology continues to advance with every generation, and we're sure Edison and Tesla would both be pinching themselves at some of the products we have to offer. As a tactical superstore with more than 1 million satisfied customers around the world, LA Police Gear will help you stay lit up day or night.

The lights you see here can be used by anyone, from emergency responders and firefighters to auto mechanics and hikers. The selection of tactical LED flashlights is one the biggest you'll find anywhere. We proudly stock duty belt flashlights, pen flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, 3-in-1 flashlights and stylus lights. These lights use light-lasting modern lighting sources and often have multiple output modes to get the brightness just right. Military professionals, milsim players and casual hunters will love our assortment of weapon lights that mount on accessory rails for nighttime skirmishes. Tactical lamps in all sizes are great for campers and backyard adventurers, and we have headlamps for when you really need to be hands-free.

We carry battery-operated work lights from the leading players in both the tactical and lighting industries, including Brite-Strike, 5.11 Tactical, Streamlight and First Light USA. The R&D team has also come up with some of our own lights based on our time in the field. And don't worry, we haven't forgotten the battery part either. Stock up on AA batteries, AAA batteries, CR123 lithium batteries and other everyday styles along with specialty replacement batteries for certain types of flashlights. Everything comes with a Price Match Guarantee and our customer service that's rated five stars for satisfaction on Don't get left in the dark - shop for tactical and outdoor lights today!


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