Flashlight Replacement Lamps and Bulbs

Flashlight Replacement Lamps and Bulbs

There can be nothing more essential for your tactical gear than flashlights if you are in military, police, security guards, or first responder squads. They can take a lot of different shapes and designs and are meant to serve all the unique purposes as well. Whether you talk about weapon lights, helmet lights, head lamps, lanterns or just about any type of lighting that can come in handy in those remote settings where you have to do your duties, they are all must-haves. But can you afford running out of battery or maybe your flashlight bulbs and lamps getting out of order? Obviously not! So, what options do you have in that kind of situations? Fortunately, there are flashlight replacement lamps and bulbs available online and in the market that you can have handy at all times. Keeping these replacement bulbs and lamps in your tactical gear means that you can quickly replace the ones that have stopped working and can stay in control of the proceedings at all times. And, if you buy the high-quality replacement bulbs from the top brands, you won’t have to risk their performance anytime soon either.

The flashlight replacement lamps and bulbs are accessories that can be used to keep your flashlights working in times when they malfunction and fail to provide you the desired illumination. Oftentimes, it’s the bulbs and lamps that have stopped working and you need to replace them quickly. And, that could only be possible when you have the perfect replacements available in your tactical gear. In fact, it is necessary to have a few of them available at all times because you have to ensure that you keep performing optimally no matter what the situation may be.

If you are looking for the best Flashlight replacement lamps and bulbs, we bring you the top brands in the industry. Here at LA Police Gear, you can find products from the best brands like Streamlight Flashlights, Nite Ize, 5ive Star Gear, Glock, and Surefire Flashlights. They have all been proven and trusted for providing quality tactical products and these flashlight replacement lamps and bulbs aren’t an exception either. We have a range of products in store and you’ll easily find something matching your specific needs on our catalogue.

To start things off, check out our Surefire P60 Lamp Fits G2, 6P, D2, C2, Z2, & M2. This incandescent lamp assembly is capable of producing 65 lumens white lighting and gives you almost 1 hour runtime. You can upgrade any Surefire lights which use P60 and P61 lamps to 120-lumen LED lighting to get double tactical runtime of what you can expect from P60 lamps and when compared to P61 lamps, you can expect 6 times tactical runtime if you install KX4/KX4D LED conversion head. Even without that, the lamp works just fine to fulfill your tactical needs.

For more wonderful products that could make part of your tactical gear, start exploring our products catalogue now and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.