Patrol Bags

Versatility for All

LA Police Gear is committed to providing everyone with tactical gear, clothing, and accessories they can use every day. From police officers and soldiers to outdoorsmen and civilians, there’s something for everyone in our collection. That’s why we love selling the police patrol bagand other packs. They’re a diverse accessory that is a must-have in everyone’s collection.

Fill your bag with extra uniforms, riot gear, holsters, and more from LA Police Gear. Our durable and high-quality packs can handle anything the day throws your way. So, whether you’re traveling light in the field or packing heavy for a long weekend, trust LA Police Gear to have what you need.

Functional Gear for Everyday Use

LA Police Gear has curated a collection of functional and practical gear for all. We know how important it is to our customers to have the tools and resources they need wherever they go. If you’re shopping for a patrol bag, tactical boots, or even holsters, you can feel confident the team at LA Police Gear is here to help you.

Explore all we have to offer and stay up to date with the latest from LAPG! We offer the best on the market when it comes to police patrol bags, first aid kits, and more. Shop now!