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Patrol Bags


Watch Your Back. And Bag. 

Whether on a highway patrol or working in rotating shifts as a police officer, you need to assess what you’re going to lug around for emergencies and stakeouts. It’s equally important to have a patrol bag that is spacious, compartmentalized and light on your shoulders; and holds everything you need to tackle an ambush or a melee. Fully geared towards any ‘what if’ situation, your patrol bag and its survival equipment is your savior before additional back up arrives.  

For a first responder like you being prepared is the name of the game. Even as your instincts tell you what to do, you’ll reach out for that gun, rifle and ammo safely tucked in; within instant reach in our thoughtfully designed patrol bag. Our patrol bags have been recommended by highway patrol personnelsheriff’sdeputies, and vigilant security guards. Being in the business of saving lives with years of field experience in active, random and directed patrols, the team at Los Angeles Police Gear knows exactly what patrol officers and first responders need; to successfully resolve tactical emergencies. Rugged and reliable, our patrol bags are high on durability and comfort. Comfortably priced, they won’t leave deep dents in your pockets either.

Made of high-quality waterproof ballistic Nylon fiberLA Police Gear bags have been specifically designed for tactical operations, whether civilian or military. They come with comfortable shoulder and headrest straps to distribute weight, function-built meshcuff or pen pockets, separate storage compartments for packaged food and beverages and hidden holsters or a compartment specially hemmed in to hold your duty belt. An integrated hatsafety vest hooks and key clips add on to the convenience and satisfaction of using our patrol bags.

Adjustable Velcro dividers with smooth YKK Zipperspouches in different sizes neatly fitted, 
made-to-order options with MOLLE and loop front; our bags have stateside police officersmilitary personnelhighway patrol officersdeputies and SWAT teams placing repeated orders. Whether patrolling in a squad or in small groups or in pairs or just single, you have a range of options to suit your pocket and pursuit; from our Maxpedition Operator Tactile Attaché Bag to the Condor Deployment Bagto the Blackhawk Pro Training Bag. The side pockets of our patrol bags with internal padding can carry anything from a small bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer, a surgical face mask, handy Leatherman pocket toolswet wipesfiles or folders for readily referenced department orders, Tylenol or Aspirin for that unexpected headache, and a much needed CPR Mask. On the other handthe main compartment can carry your Bushnell Binoculars, the Night Vision Monocular that makes your job that much easier and a First Aid Kit snug in their demarcated places. Once you check out our patrol bags, you’ll agree that a better bag makes for a successful mission.

LA Police Gear Patrol Bags have been fashioned keeping in mind feedback and suggestions of war veteranssoldiersSWAT commandos, and Reconnaissance pilots, who have faced extreme and difficult combat situations. For those of you, who are ordered into rescue operations or medical emergencies at little or no notice, our Tact Squad Seat Organizer BagTactical Wingman Patrol BagHatch G3 Giant Swat BagBlackhawk Battle Bag5ive Star Gear TDB – 5S Deployment BagNC Star Operation Field Bag, and the North American Rescue Agent Bag might be exactly what you’re looking for. Also perfect for sting operations, they come in varied sizes and colors facilitating smooth surgicalstrikes as well as relief and rescue operations. Soldiersarmy men, sheriffs and deputies prefer our bags for their tough resistance to extreme temperature conditions and no wear and tear or abrasions. For those of you, who specialize in underwater rescues, the Blackhawk Enhanced Divers Travel Bag with wheels can be a far-sighted and prudent choice.

If you find yourself on the road for long periods, our Uncle Mike’s Briefcase with hidden holster or the LA Police Gear Patrol Bag or the LA Police Gear Car/Truck Seat Organizer is a must-carry along. Moreover, our 1st Tactical Guardian Patrol Bag, the United Shield International Protective Bag, the Ballistic Vest Carrier Bag are ideal for long drawn combat situations that need you to carry as much protective gearand ammo as you can. If you’re going on an expedition across tough terrain our Maxpedition Methuselah and the Maxpedition Jeroboam Gear Bag can be loyal travel companions. Surprisingly lightweight, sporty and stylish, yet convenient with configurable dividers, they are multi-purpose, and maximum utilitybeing winners all the way with quick payment options and fast shipments across the country

As an authorized dealer and market leader since the year 2001 selling dependable police gearLA Police Gear patrol bags come in a spectrum of colors; blackbrowngreenred or striped. Whatever you pack; whether a pair of extra dry socksmagazinesmotor vehicle and criminal law booksear warmershand warmersear plugseye protection, the mandatory cell phone chargerpenspencils and paper clipsspare flashlight batteries4 x 4 bandages; the Los Angeles Police Gear Patrol Bag with its versatile design and add-on custom pockets will carry them all. 

You can call one of our friendly 24x7 customer service executives for specific requests, click on the search options on the LA Police Gear website or just visit one of our brick and mortar stores in California for a first hand inspection. Word-of-mouth recommendations have meant that we have a rapidly decreasing inventory. Come, grab the LA Police Gear patrol bag of your choice before stocks run out.

The call of duty calls for long hours of surveillance. As alert federal agents and public service officersplacing your lives at risk to save others’, you’ll need to watch your back; all the time taking care to choose the LA Police Gear patrol bag that is best for you.