Surviving the outdoor elements is probably the important commitment you can make. Water storage and water consumption is the most vital part of surviving any outdoor experience, whether you're in law enforcement, military, hunter or sports enthusiast.  Since 1989, CamelBak has been committed to forever changing the way people hydrate and perform.  Camelbak has built its foundation and its reputation by engineering all their products that not only pass their customer's expectations, but have a quality and durability surpassed by none other. 

Camelbak offers top-of-the-line Hydration Packs, water systems, and accessories for all Police officers, Military personnel, shooting enthusiasts, hunters, fishermen and even outdoor lovers who spend their time outdoors hiking, cycling and camping to name a few.  In 2011, CamelBak introduced the 'Got Your Bak' Lifetime Guarantee on all backpacks, reservoirs, bottles and accessories, covering manufacturing defects in all their materials and workmanship for the product's lifetime!

At LA Police Gear, most of our staff members has at least one CamelBak product each.  We all know very well that hydration is the key to having a fun outdoor experience, no matter what our passions are.  As a hiking fanatic, our customer service staff member Janelle (we all love her!) never leaves on a hike without her CamelBak All Clear Pre-Filter, which is designed specifically to remove large sediment particles from untreated water sources.  This filter has a 500-Micron Nylon Screen inside a a threaded frame that fits select bottles. Janelle can now go hike wherever she wants, knowing that the Camelbak all clear pre-filter will protect her from all untreated water while keeping her fully hydrated.

LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer of Camelbak products.  We carry a wide line of Camelbak products to ensure that you NEVER go un-hydrated!