Area Lights

Why get a light that lets you see a little bit miles in front of you when you need to see everything 20 feet in front of you? These portable area lights and shop lights are great for fully illuminating small rooms or localized areas of the outdoors. After all, you shouldn't have to stumble around a hazy campsite, tent or garage every time you need something. LA Police Gear has several styles of area lighting systems to help you see at night as well as you do during the day. For when you only need to view a small area, make sure you have a hand lantern or work light. Battery-powered camping lanterns are perfect for setting on a table or for helping guide you to the nearest bathroom. For more power and versatility, work spotlights allow you to shine a full beam directly on a point. These can be used by everyone from firefighters to car mechanics for looking into dark spaces. If there's a larger space to light up, area spotlights and scene lights are the way to go. These lights are the same kind used by movie directors, and they can easily illuminate a full camping area or driveway. The infrared remote area lighting system is another spotlight solution that only turns on when it senses motion, saving battery life and eliminating accidental visibility. Light pipes, tent lights and stick lights are just some of the other ways we help you have bright local illumination. Shop at LA Police Gear today for great deals on quality lighting. These area lights use efficient LED lamps for long-lasting performance, and some work lights are rechargeable so you don't spend your weight in batteries. Want to see how a light works in person before you buy? Come to one of our retail stores seven days a week! Both our in-person and online stores are staffed with tactical experts who will help you find the right light.