Specialty Lights

Specialty Lights

When you are in military, police, security guards, or first responder teams, you often need a lot of different types of lighting to perform your routine duties effectively. Now, whether it is the flashlights, weapon lights, lanterns or specialty lights, you need it all. In fact, the specialty lights can also come in handy for a range of other applications as well. For instance, you can use them in your gazebos, on the trees around you in a remote setting, or maybe in your camp when you are on an adventure trip. No matter what, they really make an essential part of your tactical gear and you should definitely invest in some of the high-quality options around. It’s a onetime investment that is surely going to serve you over a period of time. Just make sure that you pick the best products from the top names in the industry and you’ll be covered for your needs for a good amount of time in future.

The specialty lights often include the hanging fixtures that can be used in the small trees, patio covers, and gazebos, where you need a soft and simple moonlighting effect. There are wall-mounted down lights available as well which make a perfect choice for patio lighting, deck lighting, spotlighting, and much more than that. You can even find the underwater lights which make your best option for ponds, lighting fountains, and a range of other such water features. Again, you have to decide what type of lighting you actually need to be part of your tactical gear depending on your specific needs and the type of use you intend to put it to. There is always something matching your specific requirements.

At LA Police Gear, we bring you the widest collection of specialty lights available online. The products we have in store are not just affordable but they are from the world’s top brands too. Some of the best brands we bring you include Nite Ize, Streamlight Flashlights, Whelen Engineering, EMI, QuiqLite, ASP Products, Surefire Flashlights, 5ive Star Gear, Bayco, Brite-Strike, DAC Technologies, Elite First Aid, Inc., Fenix, First Light USA, Humvee, Mace Security International, Nightstick, North American Rescue, Pelican and TRU-SPEC. All these are the highly trusted names when it comes to tactical gear manufacturing and you can always buy their products with confidence.

Before you make a decision, have a look at this QuiqLite X USB Rechargeable LED Pocket Light which makes one of the best specialty lights we have in store here at LA Police Gear. It is designed for regular writing, reading, easy maneuvering in the low-light setting with no need of holding those typical flashlights in the hands. It is USB rechargeable and that’s quite a handy feature to have for anyone who has to use them mostly in the remote areas. Other features like independent LED activation, anti-glare visor, 10-minute auto-off timer, etc. really make it one of the handy tools to have on your tactical gear.

For more specialty lights and other tactical gear, check out our products catalogue now and find the best products on the market.