Multi-Purpose Tools

Multi-purpose Tools

Your tactical gear needs can vary depending on the job at hand. Whether you love camping, hiking and hunting or you are serving in police, military, or first responder teams, you always need a range of multi-purpose tools to tackle a variety of situations. Even security guards need to have a handful of tools with them so that they can respond to any emergency situation that they might be faced with in the middle of the day or night. From key tools to shooter multi-tools, corkscrews and multi-pliers, you can find all the different types of tools useful for you in different tactical situations. So, whatever job you do, it always pays to carry at least a few of them with you on your tactical gear all the time. It will help avoid the unnecessary hassle as you will be equipped with the right gear to tackle the situation at hand rather efficiently.

Just as the name suggests, the multi-purpose tools are meant to serve a range of different purposes. They are your all-in-one tools that can serve a range of different needs including something as small as opening a bottle of beer to stuff that needs some expertise and professional tools like wire-cutting and self-defense. You can find products where a single tool can be your keychain, bottle opener, box cutter, wrench, and much more. In fact, there’s a wide variety available in these specific tools as well. You can find stuff that serves the most basic purposes to everything that can have more professional uses. All you need to ensure is to buy the right tool for your specific needs and only buy from the best brands around.

At LA Police Gear, we ensure that you get your hands at the best multi-purpose tools and other tactical gear products available on the market. So, we have always made it a point to bring you stuff from the best brands on the market including LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, Gerber , Leatherman, SOG, Nite Ize, 5ive Star Gear, CRKT, ASP Products, Schrade, Coghlan’s, Fury, Kershaw, Smith & Wesson, Belleville, DAC Technologies, Monadnock, Spyderco, and Tactical Research. When you buy products from these brands, you can rest assured that you are only buying the top quality gear and there won’t be any kind of performance issues later.

The Leatherman OHT One-Handed Multi-Tool is one of our best selling multi-purpose tools and it has received some great reviews from our customers too. It gives you multiple one-hand-opening pliers and one-hand-opening blades that you can use for a range of different purposes in a tactical setting. The spring-loaded pliers and wire-cutters on the tool make sure that your hands don’t get tired when adjusting or readjusting the grip. Overall, it makes quite a handy tool to have on your tactical gear and can even be a life-savior in many situations.

So, if you are looking for the best multi-purpose tools for your tactical gear, it’s time that you start exploring our catalogue now!