Eyewear Accessories

Eyewear Accessories

Can a tactical gear be complete without proper eyewear accessories? Probably not! When you are in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams, you can easily find yourself in all sorts of different situations and have to face different weathers too. So, you can’t simply survive with the right kind of eyewear. And, in order to keep your eyewear safe as you find yourself in all those challenging situations, it is important to have the best eyewear accessories handy. There are all sorts of accessories available from the best tactical gear manufacturers. And, most of these accessories can even be used in the casual routine whether you have tactical needs or not. So, why don’t you have a look at these amazing products and see how you can make your eyewear safe and performing at its best for a longer period of time?

Eyewear accessories can include everything from sunglasses case, ballistic M-frames, microbags, performance strap kits, AF kits, leash kits, accessories case and replacement lenses. They all can have different purposes but the primary function they all serve is to give protection to your eyewear when it is not in use. They can have specific features incorporated into them to ensure maximum safety and optimal performance of your eyewear.

When buying these eyewear accessories you can easily be mistaken not to take them seriously and not consider the high-end features in the products you buy. However, you shouldn’t do that because you’ll be risking your eyewear and reducing its life if you do so. It’s better to have a look at the products from all the top brands that we have in store for you. We bring you the top quality eyewear accessories from brands including 5.11 Tactical, Oakley, Bolle Eyewear, Condor Tactical, and North American Rescue. There are multiple products on offer from all these wonderful brands and you should have a look at our catalogue to single out your options. You will not get disappointed at all when you’ll look through our product catalogue and the sole feel of these eyewear accessories will make you fall for them.

To give you a feel of what you can expect from us, here is a look at our best-selling Condor Sunglasses Case. This semi-rigid sunglasses case is made for the wrap-around eyepro. They won’t just attach to the PALS and MOLLE webbing but can also clip onto the d-rings through attached snaphook. With their Nylon exterior, they are tailor made to withstand the harsh weather effects as well as different impacts they may receive. Besides, there’s a soft lining on the inside of this case which makes sure that your sunglasses are protected against any kind of scratches whatsoever. They also come with a double zipper closure.

No matter what eyewear accessories you might need for your tactical gear, we’ll have something on offer for you. We bring you the widest range of products from world’s top brands and you should have a look at our catalogue to find yourself exactly what you are looking for.