Soft Armor Carriers

Soft Armor Carriers

When you are doing tactical duties as part of first responder teams, security guards, police and military, having enough protection is really important to survive those life-threatening situations. Sometimes you are out there in the wild while on other times you are faced with a fully-equipped enemy and you can easily come in the line of fire. So, unless you have enough protection against such threats, you are putting your life at risk. There is a range of life saving products that you must have on your tactical gear in order to perform your duties at your best while ensuring that you are not harmed along the way. Among such tactical stuff, the soft armor carriers play a serious part as well. They are considered essential for your modern day body armor and can help carry the soft armor to protect you against shots fired from pistols.

The bulletproof vests usually have multiple layers built into them with bullet-resistant webbing (like KEVLAR) sandwiched between the plastic film layers. After that, these layers are woven to soft armor carriers, the outer layer made of conventional clothing materials. The ultimate purpose of these carriers is to ensure that your soft armor is stitched into place and you have enough protection against some serious life threats.

At LA Police Gear, we bring you a range of soft armor carriers from the best brands around the world. We only feature hand-tested products from these brands so that you may not have to face any kind of quality issues whatsoever once you have bought the products from us. We store top brands like 5.11 Tactical, Armor Express, Blauer, Elbeco, Mocean, North American Rescue, Nine Line Apparel And T-Shirts, Second Chance Body Armor, Survival Armor and TACPROGEAR. You can always count on these brands when it comes to the quality of their products and they will never let you down. In fact, the best sellers on our catalogue have been rated highly by our customers which gives you first-hand guarantees for some high-quality stuff.

If you are interested in getting a look at the best products we have in store, try out this Blauer Polyester Armorskin which makes one of the best soft armor carriers. It’s your modern day solution for wearing concealed body armor. It’s the best ballistic vest cover system offering relief against any kind of discomfort and heat generated by those conventional armor carriers. It can even be helpful for you in alleviating hip and lower back pain. It’s been designed to resemble your uniform shirt when you wear it on top of your Base Shirt and will help maintain your professional appearance when you are in the battlefield. The side panels and mesh lining are quite lightweight and offer greater breathability as well as quick-dry comfort. It also comes with epaulets and a center mic tab. With all these great features, you’re surely going to have that tactical advantage when you are in the line of fire.

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