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Eleven 10, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a manufacturer of high-quality self-aid/buddy-aid gear that is proudly made in the USA. Founded by a Recon Marine and a SWAT Operator, their first hand experiences allows Eleven 10 unique insight into both Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations.  Both operators drew from their personal experiences to design medical carrying equipment based on the needs of safety and security personnel on the streets of America and all the way to the battlefields in the Middle East.  

But why the name 'Eleven 10' and what does it mean?  Eleven 10 is in recognition of the birthdate of the United States Marine Corps on November 10, 1775.  In other words, Once a Marine, Always a Marine! 

Eleven 10 has a simplified "self-aid gear less is more" attitude.  Eleven 10 produces some of the most streamlined but efficient self-aid kits on today's market.  Their kits are designed by non-medics (with valuable help from doctors and medics) to ensure that they are immediately ready to use without having to read instruction manuals and are ready to go with very minimal training.  When seconds count, no one has time to read 'how-to' manuals or watch training videos.  

LAPG carries the entire line of Eleven 10 products, including the very popular Eleven 10 RIGID Tourniquet Case for SOFTT/SOFTT-W-Belt.  The Eleven 10 RIGID TQ Case is a hard-sided tourniquet case designed to give the user instant access to the tourniquet. The RIGID TQ Case holds the tourniquet securely in place by simple friction, so there are no buckles, straps or flaps to get in the way, and its versatile enough to be worn on duty belts or MOLLE/PALS compatible vests or even in the accessory position on a Safariland drop leg holster.  All these factors help save time, especially when seconds are all you have!

Faithful to manufacturing in the United States, all Eleven 10's designs, testings and manufacturing happens in Cleveland, Ohio, with US made materials. Even their packaging is printed in Cleveland!  The simplified strategies and easy usage of all of Eleven 10's products make their kits the most popular with military members and law enforcement officers, whether in the field or in mission critical situations.