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Danner Boots


Danner Police & Tactical Boots

It's almost a sin to put on a pair of Danner Boots to just sit around the house.  Danner Brand police boots are specifically designed for the hard work the men and women who wear them require!  Danner IS the boot that can stand up to the toughest requirements in any field.  Whether you're in the tactical field or adventuring, Danner Boots will get you there. 

L.A. Police Gear carries a huge selection of Danner police boots and most models are in stock now.  Check out the Athletic inspired, tactical duty designed, field proven Tachyon boot. Danner police and tactical Boots created the Tachyon as the lightest and most flexible boot for training, tactical missions and special operations. The Tachyon is the result of many hours of research and patience by Danner to make a trainer boot that can hold up to the rigors of the tactical field.  The Danner Tachyon boot comes in a wide array of versions, from waterproof, polishable toe or even hot weather specific. 

The staff at LAPG also highly recommends the Danner Scorch and Danner Striker boot lines. The Danner Scorch was built for breathability thanks to a lightweight upper patterned with mesh panels.  And the Striker Bolt is tactical boot evolution at its best; with Danner drawing upon 10 years of knowledge gained from the original Striker boot release.  When your day is grounded in action, the Danner Striker Bolt is more than ready. 

LA Police gear promises that you will find the right Danner boot to fit your military, tactical, survival preparedness, LEO or just simply outdoor adventure needs! 

Here are some of our top selling and highly rated boots:

Danner Tachyon 8" Polishable Black Boot

Danner Acadia 200 Gram Women's Boots

Danner Kinetic GTX 8" Boots

Danner Dromos 8 Inch Boots

Danner Kinetic GTX Side Zip 8" Uniform Boot

Danner Tanicus 8" Coyote Boot