Danner Boots

Boots to Handle Anything

Danner boots are equipped for any difficult challenge you can throw at them. Going on a hike? These boots can handle it. Combat training? These boots have you covered. Work in the police field? You better believe Danner combat boots will support you the whole way.

Huge Selection

As a proud Danner retailer, we have a huge selection of Danner combat boots available for you to look through. One of our personal favorites is the athletic inspired, tactical duty designed, and field proven Arcadia Boot. It’s the lightest and most flexible boot for training, tactical missions, and special operations. It was born out of many hours of careful research and patience to create the best boot.

Other offerings we highly recommend are the Danner Scorch and Danner Striker boot lines. Scorch was built for breathability while Striker has some of the newest and greatest technology available in the tactical boot field.

Excellent Customer Service

LAPG is the Danner retailer that can support you for all your tactical gear needs. With employees that really understand the industry and a desire to assist everyone in their tactical pursuits, we’re well equipped with whatever problems you have to throw our way.

Founded By Experts

LAPG was founded by cops with a passion for equipping people with the gear they need for the work they do. With our experience, we know what people are looking for in their products and stock only the best.

We even have our own in-house brand with products that we’ve designed ourselves. Take a look through the LAPG collection and find the high-quality, affordable tactical equipment you need.