Danner Boots

Danner Military Boots can handle any situation

Danner boots are equipped for any difficult challenge you can throw at them. Going on a hike? These boots can handle it. Combat training? These boots have you covered. Work in the police field? You better believe Danner military boots will support you the whole way.

Huge Selection of Danner Duty Boots

As a proud Danner retailer, we have a huge selection of Danner combat boots available for you to look through. One of our personal favorites is the athletic inspired, tactical duty designed, and field proven Arcadia Boot. It’s the lightest and most flexible boot for training, tactical missions, and special operations. It was born out of many hours of careful research and patience to create the best boot.

Other offerings we highly recommend are the Danner Scorch and Danner Striker boot lines. Scorch was built for breathability while Striker has some of the newest and greatest technology available in the tactical boot field.

Boots designed to last

These boots were designed to last. They are a bit stiff out of the box, but once you break them in, they will be the most comfortable boots you have ever worn. If the sole wears out, most models are resolable. Send them in and Danner will replace it for so you don't have to waste money buying a new pair. Buying the best means you save money in the long run.