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North American Rescue


When an epidemic suddenly hits, you want to know that North American Rescue (NAR) is on YOUR side! North American Rescue is dedicated to decreasing preventable death by providing the most effective and highest quality mission-critical medical products to the military, federal agencies, law enforcement officers, EMS and critical life savers. NAR designs, develops and tests all their products to ensure that they remain in the forefront of life-saving products and supples. 

Whether you are on the battlefield, in suburbia, or extreme environments, commitment to their customers is North American Rescue's top priority.  NAR recognizes that in a post 9/11 world, critical prevention is always evolving for combat lifesavers, tactical healthcare providers, law enforcement professionals and EMS members who step into harm's way to save the life of another. 

If you are in mission-critical status, having the North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) on your person is simply a matter of life over death. The NAR Combat Application Tourniquet is the fastest, safest and MOST EFFECTIVE pre-hospital field tourniquet, as well as the official tourniquet of the US Army. Proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper and lower extremities makes this NAR tourniquet a MUST-have! 

And L.A. Police Gear wants to remind you to pair the NAR Combat Application Tourniquet with its North American Rescue C-A-T Tourniquet Holder. The NAR C-A-T holder was specifically designed to keep the C-A-T tourniquet on a vest or on tactical gear for rapid and easy access. Plus the C-A-T holder will protect the NAR Combat Application Tourniquet from exposure to all the elements. 

By combining the knowledge of experienced combat medics and tactical casualty care solutions, North American Rescue has become the world leader in providing a unique insight into the unconventional challenges of tactical medicine while introducing breakthrough products that span the full spectrum of tactical casualty care

LAPG carries a wide variety of North American Rescue products!  Items in stock are ready to ship to you today so that you, too, will be critical care-ready!