North American Rescue

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North American Rescue (NAR) is a well-known and respected manufacturer of high-quality medical supplies and equipment primarily designed for use in emergency medical and tactical situations. NAR's products are trusted by a wide range of professionals, including military personnel, law enforcement, first responders, and medical practitioners.

Who uses North American Rescue?

Military Personnel: NAR's products are widely used by the military for combat casualty care. Tourniquets, hemostatic dressings, and other trauma-related equipment are crucial for treating battlefield injuries.

Law Enforcement: Law enforcement officers often carry NAR medical supplies as part of their standard gear. In situations involving gunshot wounds, stabbings, or other traumatic injuries, these supplies can be life-saving.

First Responders: Paramedics, EMTs, and other first responders use NAR products to provide immediate medical care during accidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

Search and Rescue Teams: In remote and challenging environments, search and rescue teams may encounter traumatic injuries. NAR supplies can help treat and stabilize patients until they can be transported to a medical facility.

Preppers and Survivalists: Individuals and groups who are preparing for emergencies, including natural disasters or societal breakdowns, can also use NAR products as part of their emergency medical kits.