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Entry Tools


Entry Tools

Police, military, security guards and first responder teams often have to deal with a range of different situations. Imagine a situation where the enemies have hostages captured in a room or, maybe, a situation where people are trapped in a house that has caught fire. As a first responder or part of S.W.A.T. team, you’d need a range of different entry tools to get access to those who are locked in and do the rescue operation. Being fully equipped with the right kind of tactical gear, you’d be able to perform at your best no matter what type of tactical situation you are faced with. What if your RAM breaks down in the middle of some HRT Raid? Yes, that’s not something too welcoming and you’d never want to find yourself in such a situation. So, why don’t you invest in the best quality entry tools and avoid all such undesirable situations while making sure that you keep performing at the optimum levels no matter what type of situation you are in.

Entry tools refer to all the different types of equipment that would give you access to those closed in homes, rooms, and spaces. When you have to raid the criminals or do different first responder jobs, you often come across situations where you need forced entry into different spaces. And, in all such situations, entry tools like pocket window punch, Monoshock Rams, stinger LEDs, and thundersledges would come in handy. Each of these tools have a unique purpose to serve and they can come in handy in a range of different situations.

We, at LA Police gear, understand the importance of all these entry tools and, therefore, we bring you a range of different products from the best brands in the industry. Names like 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, Bust A Cap, Zak Tool, ASP Products, EMI, and Gerber Knives are trusted by the police and military operatives, as well as other first responder teams, since they have been manufacturing quality tactical gear for decades. So, you can also count on them for your tactical needs and buy the best tactical gear that not only serves the purpose but is also meant to last a lifetime. We bring you everything from these manufacturers including sledgehammers and axes to break down the doors as well as rip through the walls for recuing victims. No matter what you might need, we have got you covered.

To get you started, here we have the best-quality Zak Tool ZT57P Pocket Window Punch that is made with heat-treated stainless steel and can last the test of time no matter how much routine wear it gets through. It gives you simple emergency access through windows by simple two-step window glass smashing for quick entry. It’s a must-have for your tactical gear no matter what first responder job you’re doing.

For more similar products and entry tools, check out our wide assortment of tactical gear and buy yourself the best on the market. You’ll never face any kind of quality issues.