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Handcuff Pouches


Handcuff pouches are extremely convenient and helpful when working on the job as a 
police officer. They are relatively the best way to store handcuffs. The purpose of them is to hold the hand cuffs, which are used to restrain a suspect to ensure that they do not escape or hurt anyone. Handcuffs play a significant role because they prevent a suspect from breaking free and causing harm elsewhere or to someone. Without them, the system would wreak havoc and the officers would have a difficult time detaining the suspects. The suspect is much easier to control once in handcuffs; they have the potential to become more obedient. Not only do these handcuffs ensure the safety of the suspect, but the officer’s safety as well. There are different styles of a modern pair of handcuffs, for example, the double strand. This handcuff has a part of the metal that holds the locking mechanisms and the swivel or hinges that are attached. Specifically, the double strand has a single stand that slips through the gap in the metal. This gap gives the appearance of having two strands. The single strand is also visible on the outside of the double strand, which surrounds the single strand. There are also hinged handcuffs, which are connected with a large hinge instead of chain links when comparing chain cuffs. They are typically more secure and allow less arm or hand mobility. Having different styles ensures that the suspect will be submissive and listen to authority. Additionally, having a variety of styles can determine an officer’s assurance that they are being handled in the best possible way. The most well-liked handcuffs that officers use are chain handcuffs. They are held together by a short chain, causing less pain to the suspect. On the contrary, hinge handcuffs are used to prevent less movement than other ones. They also inflict more pain on the suspect. Due to these reasons, officers choose to carry both to use in different instances.

Handcuff pouches are made of material such as leather and polymer. The handcuff pouches can be placed on belts or vests. There are various ways to mount them such as molly, loop, snaps, or velcro. This is a vast selection to choose from, which makes the process simpler. They come in a diverse range of colors but the colors that are popular are green, black, brown, and gray. These are the most popular. Most people buy handcuff pouches in these colors because they appear casual and professional on the job. Some officers carry certain colored handcuffs to help identify that they belong to them. These could include colors that stand out such as red or blue. Prisoners can be handcuffed in specific colors so that they are identified accordingly based on the crime they had committed. Some officers may even detain a suspect and put pink handcuffs on them in order to identify them as being involved in a sex or child crime, or that they require special handling in the custody environment.  In fact, some use these on suspects who have had more than 5 DUI’s or are domestic abusers. In other words, colored handcuffs are used as a form of expression; colors outlined by vibrancy or flashiness accomodate to one’s personal use or reasons.

The Condor MA47 Handcuff Pouch is exceedingly favorable, it is recommended that if you need a nylon pouch, this would be the top pick. The LA Police Gear Handcuff Pouch holds two pairs of handcuffs while featuring in a few commercial colors, which is quite suitable. These two items have received outstanding feedback and have become very useful.

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