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Hero's Pride began in 1981 in the garage of Hank and Emily Steinman, and it was a very simple concept but there was such a need. Hero's Pride is known for their simple and invaluable solutions to the manufacturing, handling and storage of custom, metal and embroidered emblems.  Hero's Pride develops all of their duty gear and tactical equipment with the needs of today's law enforcement personnel and the special operations professional kept closely in mind. 

Every police officer wears patches.  These patches, which are sewn onto different locations on the officer's uniform, tells the 'story' of each police officer.  The Hero's Pride Hashmarks usually sewn on the lower left sleeve of the long sleeve uniform shirt represents five years of duty for every slash that the officer has endured. These hashmarks are custom embroidered to match the color and size requirements for every law enforcement agency, for example the gold hashmarks required by the CHP.  

Depending on your rank and status in your particular police department, police officers will wear the Hero's Pride Chevron Patches to indicate their rank in their agency.  This patch, usually worn on the upper sleeve of the uniform shirt, has a certain number of stripes to indicate the officer's rank and title in the agency.  For example, the Hero's Pride LAPD Sgt Chevron Patch will have three silver stripes embroidered onto a black background and is sized to that agency's specifications.  

Although Hero's Pride is known world-wide for their top-quality patches and embroidered emblems, they have also stepped into the duty gear market with high-end quality tactical gear at very surprising low costs. In fact, their ballistic line of duty gear is becoming one of the biggest brands in the industry today. The Hero's Pride 1-1/2" Ballistic Nylon Inner Duty Belt is growing in popularity amongst all law enforcement personnel.  Constructed with 900 denier ballistic web material, this tactical duty belt is easily attachable to the main duty belt with keepers. Not only is the Hero's Pride ballistic inner duty belt lightweight to add comfort, it assists in keeping your duty belt firmly secured and your gear stabilized while you're engaged in tactical movements or quick motions. 

LA Police Gear not only carries the wide line of Hero's Pride Badges, Patches and Emblems, but also their fantastic Duty Belts, Uniform Accessories, Badge Holders and even their metal insignia.  You won't be disappointed in any of their items!