Hard Cases

Rifle and Pistol Hard Cases, Trunk Cases, and Tactical Hard Cases.

Nope. We’re not talking of a choice between unpleasant alternatives; on the other hand our tactical gear hard cases come with alternative variants to suit your preference and mission

Our customer service team will be happy to demonstrate features and advantages. Well into the business of law enforcement tactical gear for over a decade, we know that hard cases, though more expensive than softcases are better for tougher missionstransportation over longer distances or storage for shorter periods of time.

Are you buying metal hard cases made of aircraft aluminum that have layered foam inserts? Is your tactical gear hard case crush-proof? Does it offer protection from waterdustmoisture? Does it have reinforced locking points and wheels for easy transportation? The answer to these questions is an affirmative yes. We remain true to delivering on our promise of quality and functionality.

LA Police Gear Tactical Gear Hard Cases have all these advantages and more. Let a particular color define your mission or your personality. We have tactical gear hard cases in BlackGreyOliveGreenYellow, and of course, Blue. Moreover, they protect your gunfirearmrifle from impact of all types, meet state specific laws and regulations in USA for transport and transfers; having in-built rock solid locking mechanisms that never fail at home or on your mission

Walk into any of our stores in Los Angeles, California to pick and choose from a series of alternative brands; the Magpul Industries DAKA Can or our rugged Plano SE Pistol Cases. Our Plano Pro-Max PillarLock Single Gun Case and the Plano Pro-Max PillarLock Double Gun Case give you the option to choose a single slot or a double slot hard case for your rifles with a single barrel or a double barrel.

The Pelican 1010 Micro Cases with Liner or the Pelican 1050 Micro Cases with Liner are apt choices for smaller weapons. They come with adequate cushioning, which can absorb shocks and other kinds of impactequally well. 

While our Plano 1312 x 12 Range Bag will be good for your day at the Range for some fun shooting practice, you will want to buy our North American Rescue Armadillo Medication Storage Case or our Pelican 1550 EMS Case for high priority rescue operations. These tactical gear hard cases have won praise from Police OfficersCHP Officers and Paramedics alike for being hardy companions on the field or on tactical missions.

Sheriff’s deputies and military personnel have made repeat purchases choosing between our multiple alternatives; the ASP Products Tri-Fold Belt Case, the Pelican 1720 Long Case, the Plano Shooters Case with Gun Rest, and the Pelican 1615 Air Case. Our Plano Sportsman Trunk offers more storage space and the Nite Ize Rugged Glasses Case Large is perfect for carrying along your favorite pair of spectacles

You might want to carry our Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Take-Down Gun Case or the 
Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Side-by-Side Double Gun Case for difficult tactical operations that require more weapons and ammunition. For those of you, who like to carry more accessories, our Plano 1612 Deep Field Box with Lift-Out Tray and the Oakley Strong Box Accessories Case will suit you fine. 


And of course, we have those tactical gear hard cases with classy wooden surfaces, elegant in style and finish; the ASP Products Wood Box Sapphire USB Case, the DAC Technologies Tool Box Maintenance Kit Wood Box 5B x 88M, also perfect gift options for colleagues, and best buddies at work or play.

Did we mention that we have free shipping across USA, easy offline and online payment options
24x7 chat support, friendly sales personnel and fast moving inventories with new products coming in every day? You would never fall short of alternatives that vie with each other in lookutilityqualitydurability and finish

On the rocky road or between airport transfers, the lifespan of your riflegun, or firearm depends on your investment in a superior tactical gear hard case. A sturdy hard case can protect your firearm from scrapesabrasionsdings and hard impact. You need to protect your rifle from rain and rust. The weight of our tactical gear hard cases is directly proportional to the weight of your weapon that is securely held in place and protected from shock by fine cushioning that merits appreciation. Easy carriage is ensured either by wheels or by strong and sturdy back straps

For a hard day’s workbuy one of our rock solid tactical gear hard cases; we assure you - there will be no hard feelings