Performing your duties day and night is never easy when you are doing your job as security guards, first responder, military or police operatives. You have to keep yourself safe against a number of outside threats and you have to respond to a range of different situations. You don’t just have to be agile and responsive to all sorts of different situations, instead you also need to have the best and fully equipped tactical gear so that you can easily manage through any kind of challenges that come your way. Among all the equipment you need to have with you, one thing that you must not miss out on is the high-quality headlamps. Obviously, you can do with flashlights too, but there are times when you just need to keep your hands free and focus on and respond to the challenge in front of you. You may have your gun in your hands but you might need better illumination to focus on your target or to look around only. So, in such situations, nothing can serve you better than top quality headlamps.

The headlamps or headlights refer to a lighting source that is affixed to your head for performing a range of different activities during the night. They also come in handy when the conditions are dark outdoors and you need more illumination to perform activities like caving, hiking, orienteering, skiing, etc. The headlamps can also have many tactical uses and can be used effectively by police, military and security guards. They are, essentially, an LED mounted on a strap holder which you can wear on your head.

There are many top brands manufacturing headlamps and other important tactical gear these days and you need to choose the best of the lot in order to ensure that your equipment never falters when you are in the middle of an important job. At LA Police Gear we have a commitment to bring you the best and, therefore, we store world’s top brands with the likes of Fenix, Blackhawk, Streamlight Flashlights, Nite Ize, Pelican, Petzl, Inova Flashlights, 5ive Star Gear, EMI, Nightstick, Princeton Tec, Surefire Flashlights and UZI. They have all served the industry for years and, therefore, you can count on them for products that you can’t take many risks with.

The best of the lot on our products catalogue is this Streamlight Protac HL Headlamp as it has received the highest ratings from our customers and comes with some amazing features too. It’s been designed to offer maximum illumination and gives you a wider beam for lighting up the entire area. With TEN-TAP programming, it allows you to choose one of its three programs. It is capable of producing 540 lumens light with a reach of 172 meters which is quite impressive and deserves a spot on any tactical gear. With its solid state power regulation mechanism, it offers maximum lighting output throughout its battery life.

There is a lot more to explore, so you should get to work now and have a look at various products on our catalogue to pick the best for your tactical gear.