Footwear Accessories

Footwear Accessories

We all focus as much on our footwear as our clothing because it not only serves the aesthetic purposes but also helps us to stay comfortable as we move around. Comfort is more of a factor, especially, for those who have to wear work boots or duty boots all day long. The same applies to those who serve as security guards, first responder, police and military officers. These guys, probably, have the toughest jobs in the world as they have to be on their guard throughout the day and night and they have to perform their duties in the most challenging terrains and dangerous areas. They also have to deal with ever-changing weather and the right footwear makes an essential part of their tactical gear. There are a few footwear accessories that can play a major role in providing that added comfort and a few that you would need otherwise for your boot care and maintenance too.

The footwear accessories refer to everything that comes as an add-on for your shoes or tactical duty boots and have a certain purpose to serve. They could be anything that helps with boot care and maintenance or something that provides added comfort such as insoles. All you need to do is to make sure that you have all the necessary stuff on your tactical gear so that you may not have any issues whatsoever when you are on job.

At LA Police Gear, we bring you the widest collection of footwear accessories that include insoles, laces, and everything you need for your boot care and maintenance. We even have the best socks in store as well to provide you the ultimate comfort. Above all, we have made it a point that we bring you the top quality products from top brands including LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, Wigwam, Danner Boots, Original S.W.A.T., First Tactical, Leather Luster, Smartwool, Angelus Shoe Polish, Bates Boots, Kiwi Shoe Care, ThermaCELL, Thorlo, 5ive Star Gear, Nite Ize, AMMEX, HAIX, Lorpen, Rothco, Salomon Tactical Boots, Thorogood, and Tommie Copper. If you have tried any of these top tactical gear manufacturers before, you’d know very well about the great quality they have to offer with their products.

To get a feel of what kind of quality products we bring to you, check out this Original SWAT Ortholite Action Fit Insole that is tailor made to be part of your tactical gear. The product offers ultimate comfort with its multi-density ortholite open-cell technology that boasts of custom-comfort recovery foam and ensures that you get something that fulfills your specific individual requirements. It conforms to your feet rather nicely and the high rebound formulation of its core layer ensures that any harmful impacts are absorbed adequately to keep you comfortable and safe.

This is not the only product worthy of getting onto your tactical gear. In fact, there is much more to explore and you should definitely have a look at our products catalogue and check out some of the most exciting footwear accessories we have in store for you.