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Dog Gear, K9 Gear

Dogs make an important part of most tactical teams. Whether you are security guards, police, military, first responder or hunter, you often have a professionally trained dog to accompany you on duty. Yes, they can have a lot of amazing purposes to serve. In fact, they make your perfect partners with their unique skills and senses with which they can not only keep you alert and safe when you are outdoors but also help you to identify the criminals you are after. For hunters, dogs make a perfect partner for hunting and some amusement stuff at the same time. Whatever the case, you need to have the right kind of dog gear as part of your tactical gear in order to make sure that your little friend is fully equipped to assist you with your job. There’s a lot of amazing stuff available in the market from the top manufacturers of the world, and a simple search can bring you the best of the lot.

The K9 dog gear that is meant to serve tactical purposes includes everything that helps improve your duty dog’s performance in all sorts of tactical situations they are faced with. Whether it is your police or military dog serving on the front lines, an active pooch that loves to hike, fetch and do other similar stuff, or a hunting partner who makes your right hand when you are out and about looking for prey, the tactical dog gear can help improve your little friend’s performance big time. It can include everything from dog collars to safety necklaces and roamer leashes. The ultimate purpose of the dog gear is to keep your outing with the dog safe and comfortable while ensuring that your dog does a great job too.

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Start exploring our products catalogue now with this Nite Ize Nitehowl LED Safety Necklace which is quite capable of increasing your dog’s visibility in the dark outdoor settings. You can keep an eye on your dog as far as 1000 ft. away from virtually any angle possible. The necklace is quite durable and is built with a polymer tube that is quite flexible. It uses a couple of LEDs for illuminating the tube and can be slid over the neck of your dog for hours every night. It will surely keep your dog safe and he will have fun too.

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