Safety Vests

Safety Vests, Traffic Vest, and Police Traffic Control Vests

Have you ever seen police officers wearing tactical vests when on job? But what about those big yellow traffic safety vests? Yes, you must come across a few of them every day. So, what are those vests for? Well, vests serve a range of different purposes and individuals in jobs like military, first responder and security guards often have them on their tactical gear. They can provide safety, storage, and warmth all at the same time. Most of the top tactical gear manufacturers in the world manufacture these vests too and each of them introduces great new features to make their vests more useful than ever. They are not just worthy for police and military individuals, but can also serve those adventurer types quite nicely as well.

The SAFETY vests are heavy-duty vests made specifically for those who are often exposed to outdoor threats and also have to carry a lot of equipment with them such as adventurers, security guards, first responders, military and police officers. They can be worn over your regular clothing for getting both protection and a handy option to carry your tactical gear when you’re on an assignment. These vests come with some many different pockets, all in different sizes, for holding your essential equipment. Besides, they offer all the comfort you need to perform your day to day duties on job.

At LAPG, we bring you the finest quality tactical vests from the world’s best brands. Most of the brands in the tactical gear industry tend to manufacture these vests but we store products from 5.11 tactical, Blauer, Propper, Utility Pro, Condor Tactical, Humvee, Nine Line Apparel and T-shirts, and Under Armour. All these brands are industry leaders in tactical gear manufacturing. So, you can expect only the best-quality products from them that will serve both function and aesthetic.

If you haven’t checked out our top-seller 5.11 Safety Vest yet, you should definitely explore this wonderful product. It can be your perfect every day vest whether you are on job or not. It not only looks stylish but can make great part of any tactical gear because it comes with 21 different pockets all over it. Most of the pockets have been lined to ensure that all your valuables are kept dry at all times and they are quite easily accessible as well. There are D rings and hooks incorporated into the design to help you carry stuff like keys rather easily. It also features elastic pockets, zippered pockets, snap epaulets pockets, and much more.

No tactical gear is complete without the best tactical vests and we have you covered here with the best products from the top brands around. Check out our widest collection of vests and see if you can find something that fits your specific needs. Here we have shortlisted some of our best-selling products for you. Do have a look at them.  Federal law now requires police officers, CHP, and Sheriffs Deputies to wear traffic safety vests when directing traffic.