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Propper Brand Uniforms and Tactical Clothing is a staple brand in the US police and military market.  Propper has been making military uniforms (BDUs) for over 40 years.  More Recently they starting making everyday apparel for law enforcement personnel and the tactical community.  If you are out on the streets and see some police officers or FEMA personnel, take a closer look at their clothing.  There is a good chance they are wearing Propper Brand tactical clothing like pants, shirts, and polo shirts.  They also make tactical bags, super comfortable and durable tactical boots, and a wide array of accessories for First Responders, tactical operators and police officers. 

Well-known for their extremely durable Uniform apparel which includes tactical and BDU pants, tactical polo shirts and uniform shirts, Propper has spent years on perfecting the professional tactical look, while keeping their prices way below the average.  The Propper Uniform Collection can literally outfit men and women in all arenas of the tactical field.  And with their budget-conscience apparel, any police officer or law enforcement agency can purchase the Propper brand and still have that professional, clean yet extremely durable overall look.  

Men and women can find the perfect on-duty and in the field tactical workwear including tactical shorts, comfortable BDU tactical pants, short and long sleeve tactical polos and even department-required uniform pants and shirts that are very comfortable to wear while giving the appearance of looking authoritative at the same time. 

LAPG has been a Propper dealer for over 15 years now and we believe so much in the brand that we stock the entire line of Propper Brand apparel in our 100,000 square foot warehouse in Valencia, CA.  We pride ourselves on top level customer service.  You can also find all the high quality Propper Tactical Pants and Propper Tactical shirts in our retails stores located in Valencia and Ontario, CA. 

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