Tourniquets, First Aid, Tactical medical supplies

Campers, hunters, police, military, security guards, and first responders all need to have the right kind of medical tactical gear handy at all times to serve various purposes. From what they wear to everything that helps them do their job or deal with emergencies efficiently must be a part of their tactical gear. As these people often have to deal with emergency situations and they usually spend their days and nights out in the open, they also need different first aid equipment that will help them manage medical emergencies on their own. In fact, the first responder squads are actually trained to deal with different medical emergencies. Among all the equipment they need, the tourniquets make an important piece that they should have in their tactical gear. They make a quick and effective tool for stopping serious extremity bleeding if used properly.

Tourniquets refer to medical equipment that applies pressure to an extremity or limb for limiting – but not stopping – the blood flow. It is often used in different emergencies, surgeries, and post-operative rehabilitation. There are different makes and models available and there are different types of tourniquets too. So, you always need to choose the best product out there in order to make sure any emergencies are well dealt with.

Here at LA Police gear, we have tourniquets on offer from the top brands and these top quality products are all worthy of any tactical gear. We bring you the best tourniquets from brands like Eleven 10, RATS Medical, North American Rescue, Elite First Aid, Inc., Tactical Medical Solutions, SWAT-T, Blackhawk, Condor Tactical, Mil-Spec Monkey, Protech, and TUFF Products. If you have ever tried a product from these top brands, you would know exactly what type of quality you can expect. Most of the products are used officially by the US Military. So, you can never go wrong when you buy tourniquets and other first aid equipment from these brands.

Just take a look at our best selling North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet which is also among the official military products. It can occlude blood flow with 100 percent accuracy and can never falter in what it is meant to do. The product works for both lower and upper extremities. It uses a single routing buckle that helps with faster application, effective slack removal, reduced blood loss, and very few windlass turns. Besides, the product is meant for simplified training as it follows single-protocol application standards. A special feature of this tactical equipment is that its free-moving internal band is meant for distributing circumferential pressure evenly. It’s been designed to work effectively in all sorts of different weather conditions.

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