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First Aid Supplies


First Aid Supplies

You never know when you will need first aid when you are out and about. Especially, when you are on a hiking trip or you are camping and hunting in a remote location, you are prone to unfortunate events and anything can happen any time. So, you really need to have some first aid supplies handy at all times. You might also need to have everything ready and waiting in your first aid kits when you are doing your duties in police, military, security guards, and first responder teams as well. You are often in the line of fire and you never know when a bullet might come from any direction and tear your limb apart or do any other damage for which you need immediate medical attention. Even when you get into a close fight with an aggressor, you can get serious injuries and might need all the necessary first aid supplies and tools to give yourself instant treatment. Whatever the case, just make sure that you buy such stuff from the top-rated and highly reliable suppliers so that you get the best treatment possible and nothing less. Obviously, you can’t risk your life by getting yourself some substandard treatment even if it is just first aid.

The first aid supplies contain everything that can help provide you some immediate relief in case of an injury. Whether it is compressed gauze, iodine pad, isopropyl pad, ammonia inhalant, trauma dressing or anything else for that matter, you should have these supplies as part of your tactical gear ready for use in case of emergencies. And, with the world’s best brands manufacturing most of these supplies, you never need to worry about quality and effectiveness of the stuff if you buy from them.

We, at LA Police Gear, consider your safety of utmost importance and bring you the first aid supplies from top tactical gear manufacturers including 5.11 Tactical, North American Rescue, Elite First Aid, Inc., H&H Medical, Adventure Medical Kits, Tactical Medical Solutions, EMI, AMMEX, Israeli Medical Bandages, Celox, Blackhawk, RATS Medical, MIL-SPEC Monkey, PHLster, 5ive Star Gear, Eleven 10, First Tactical, QuikClot, and Safariland. They have all been touted as the best tactical gear manufacturers around and their first aid supplies are nothing less in quality either. Even when you have to give first aid to somebody else in your vicinity or your first responder job requires you to do that often, the right first aid supplies are a must have.

To get you started, check out our best selling Israeli Medical Bandages 6” Emergency Bandage – Green which is an all-in-one bandage. It can consolidate multiple first aid supplies like primary dressing, secondary dressing, pressure applicator, and foolproof closure bar for securing your bandage into place. It offers immediate direct pressure and allows for quick and simple self-application. The vacuum-sealed packaging makes it even better. There are a lot of other features to explore as well and it is definitely worth buying.

If you are looking for the best first aid supplies, we have everything in store for you. Equip your tactical gear with all the necessary items and enjoy a safe outing no matter how challenging your job may be.