Stay Warm With a Tactical Hoodie

At LAPG, we only offer the best brands. Let’s start with our in-house brand. We manufacture our apparel ourselves and pass the savings on to you. Our Core CCW Hoodie is functional, comfortable, and adjustable — perfect for concealed carry. We’ve also got our Atlas Hoodie for a sleek look with great utility.

For other top brands we work with, check out Nine Line. There’s also a polyester brushed fleece Oakley SI Tab Hoodie that’s water resistant. As former police officers, we know what features hoodies need to have, and we make sure the hoodies we stock have them.

Tactical Gear For Everyone

Even if you aren’t in law enforcement, you still need to stay warm. So why not get a tactical sweatshirt from the professionals at LA Police Gear? We know what it takes for a hoodie to stand up in the toughest situations.

When you buy from us, you know that what you’re getting will be perfect for whatever you need. Even if you’re just hanging out at a tailgate party or sitting around the campfire with your family, get a hoodie or sweatshirt that’s comfortable and affordable. Best of all, you’ll know that you’re getting a high-quality product because you’re buying from a company that’s passionate about it’s gear. Try LAPG today to prepare for tomorrow.