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  • Long Gun Weapon Lights

    The hunters, first responders, security guards, police, and military operatives of the world often use different types of weapons, and long guns are among the most used. Whether it’s rifles, carbines, or submachine guns, these types of weapons can come in handy in a variety of different situations. Clearly see what you’re doing with an attached rifle flashlight.


    Light Up Your Job

    When you’re operating a high-powered gun, you need absolute clarity. That’s where these lights come in.

    When you’re in a remote area or it’s too dark to aim with precision, the use of a long gun light will be essential.

    Our high-quality rifle flashlights are available for modern tactical gear. Alongside our pistol lights, we provide you with enough illumination to achieve your best accuracy in limited lighting conditions.

    Shop tailor-made lights designed to fit on top of your rifle, SMG, carbine, or other long guns.

    Trust LAPG for Your Gear

    When it comes to tactical gear manufacturers, there are so many names bringing law enforcement professionals some of the best and handiest equipment to do their job.

    However, there’s no one quite like us. LA Police Gear stocks products from the best brands like Surefire, Streamlight, and Inforce. We also manufacture our own LA Police Gear brand in-house. Get the highest quality long gun lights at tough-to-beat prices from us.

    On top of that, our experts carefully choose all our products, offering you only the ones most worthy of your profession or hobby.

    You’ll never compromise on your performance when you shop LAPG.

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