Tactical Suspenders & Shirt Stays

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When you are serving in military or police, you have to carry a lot of tactical gear with you so that you can fulfill your job duties effectively. Even first responder and security guards have similar nature of job as well. Mostly, you are carrying a lot of stuff around your duty belts and need some support to keep everything in place. That’s where you need suspenders so that you can be comfortable in carrying the belt-mounted tactical gear and nothing hinders you in performing your job duties. The best brands in tactical gear manufacturing industry like 5.11 tactical, Hero’s Pride, and Blackhawk manufacture the finest quality suspenders to meet the varying requirements of military and police personnel.

The suspenders are usually the leather straps that are worn over your shoulders for holding a variety of tactical gear. They are designed in a way that they can comfortably support the extra weight of any gear that is mounted on the belt. The elasticized material used in them keeps them flexible and offers all the durability they need to carry as much weight as you’d need support for.

At LA Police Gear, we bring suspenders from the industry’s leading brands namely 5.11 Tactical, Hero’s Pride, Blackhawk, Shirt Stay Plus, Tactical Tailor, 5ive Star Gear, Condor Tactical, Elbeco, High Speed Gear, and Tuff Products. They are all renowned names in the tactical gear industry and they manufacture the most high-quality gear around whether it is tactical boots, duty belts, belt accessories or any other type of products that you may need in such high-performing jobs as police, military, security guards, and first responder. So, when it comes to suspenders, here again you can expect nothing from them but the best products available on the market.

To have a feel of what you can expect from these brands, check out the Tactical Tailor LE Duty Belt Suspenders we have on our catalogue here at LA Police Gear. The product has been highly rated by all our customers who have used it and it is meant to keep your duty belts exactly where they belong no matter how heavily loaded they may be. The straps are equipped with webbing where you can attach pouches as well as other gear. The hook & loop panel is given at the back to attach accessories like ID badges. So, they are just tailor made for you if you are in police or military.

Besides the Tactical Tailor LE Duty Belt Suspenders, we have a range of other products on our catalogue too that come from the finest brands known popularly for manufacturing the best tactical gear. Here we have listed the best of the lot so that you can have a look and pick the right products for your needs. But don’t forget to explore our catalogue further.