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ASP Batons and Handcuffs

"Protecting Those That Protect".  The ASP motto says it all.  For more than forty years, ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures) Products have had a single-minded focus on providing law enforcement officers with the finest tools for the safe performance of their duties, and industry-leading training in the use of those tools. Every day, professionals in over 100 countries trust ASP Products and batons and training with their lives, so they can't afford less than the very best. 

Expandable Batons are ASP Products flagship product - so legendary and dominant in the field that a law enforcement officer is likely to refer to any baton simple with the word 'ASP'.  With over 60 different combinations of mechanism, size, materials and finish, there's an ASP Baton for every officer, agency and mission.  The staff at L.A. Police Gear highly recommend the ASP Sentry Baton.  The distinctive Strike Force grip of the Sentry Baton is complemented by 4130 steel shafts and a black chrome finish. The 60 durometer Santoprene handle of the ASP Sentry Baton provides a firm grip under the most adverse conditions.

With the entry into the handcuff business, ASP shook up a category of products that had gone generations without many innovations.  ASP handcuffs have raised the bar on street-smart features, speed, ease-of-use and safety, and set new benchmarks of quality and precision. ASP's exclusive Ultra Cuffs represent the most significant advances in restraint design in more than a century.  These handcuffs were designed, tested, revised, re-tested and perfected in the field, with input from officers and tactical instructors around the world. 

ASP Brand Products are available now at LA Police Gear!  We carry the full line of ASP Expandable Batons, ASP Handcuffs and other ASP Duty GearLAPG also carries the full line of highly reviewed ASP Baton Accessories