Concealed carry is, probably, one of the most important features to have on anything you buy for your tactical gear. Weather it is your weapon and tools or something as handy and useful as penlights. These small flashlights are meant to provide you with the necessary illumination in a variety of different settings when you are out and about on a camping trip or have taken the trails. More importantly, these flashlights can be quite useful for those serving in military, police, security guards, and first responder teams. These little tools are considered more of utility items that can prove to be helpful in some odd situations where nothing else seems to help. Just imagine a scenario where you are doing your duty at night as a security guard and your regular flashlight is not working. What would you do? How you’d do your routine checking stuff? Yes, having these penlights with you is always going to help. And, with all the major tactical gear manufacturers producing quality lights, you should go looking and find yourself some of the coolest ones.

Penlights are small flashlights that are made similar to a pen we use in everyday routine for writing purposes. These small flashlights usually rely on a small LED light for providing the illumination they are meant to offer but they can also have small light bulbs built into them that are tailor made to be adjusted inside small flashlights. They can be quite useful both for tactical and non-tactical purposes. You can use them to check the areas of throat and mouth, examine wounds as well as for assessing the pupil response. Some of these lights are purpose-built to be used in hospitals or first responder teams allowing them to perform different initial examinations when rendering medical help.

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