Duty and Patrol First Aid Kits

Duty and Patrol First Aid Kits

When you are working as police and military operatives, you have to face a lot of different challenges and may find yourself in a range of different tactical situations. Sometimes you survive and sometimes you end up sustaining serious injuries. In fact, some of these injuries can be life-threatening as well. So, how are you going to get the desired medical attention in remote areas where there are no hospitals or clinics around? Well, your best shot in such a situation would be to rely on your duty and patrol first aid kits to keep yourself as well as your team safe. Most often, you can’t even return to base without completing our patrol mission and for those times these patrol kits can really turn out to be the life saviors. You can even use them if you are security guards or first responder and have to give first aid on patrol no matter what’s the cause of injuries may be.

The Duty and Patrol first aid kits usually contain everything you need to render basic first aid during tactical operations. They carry all the necessary equipment and first aid supplies that would be helpful in saving a life and providing relief in other regular injuries too. Whether you need combat lifesaver kits or you are looking for something like active shooter response kit, there are all sorts of varieties available from the world’s top manufacturers. These kits come equipped with the highest quality first aid supplies and definitely make a must-have.

If you are looking for the best duty and patrol first aid kits for your tactical gear, we bring you the best products from the world’s best brands. We bring you names like North American Rescue, Tactical Medical Solutions, EMI, Elite First Aid, Inc. and Israeli Medical Bandages. They are all names to trust and you shouldn’t really have many issues when you buy products from these top brands. Everything will be perfectly tailored to cater to your specific needs in those tactical situations where you have no real medical facilities around. So, just start exploring and buy with confidence.

To start exploring the products on our catalogue, begin with this North American Rescue (IPOK) Individual Patrol Officer Kit. This is by far the best-seller available on our catalogue and will give you everything you need to save your life if you’re attacked while on patrol and need instant medical attention. It’s been specifically designed for providing individuals with a compact solution for hemorrhage control. It can effectively treat bleeding that results from any kind of penetration or other serious traumatic injuries. Carrying these kits is never a problem and you can easily accommodate them in your BDU pocket, individual bag, or vest pouch. So, just use it when you need it the most and everything will be well under control. The vacuum-sealed contents are available in easy-to-open, durable and rugged packaging. Overall, it makes a great product to have on your tactical gear.

Check out the products on our catalogue and find yourself the best duty and patrol first aid kits for your tactical gear.