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Tactical Vests


Modern tactical vests aren’t just worn by soldiers and law enforcement officers. People who hunt, fish or play paintball wear them, too.  

People often confuse plate carriers with vests, and they serve the same function and are related. Tactical vests are similar to plate carriers, but their protection comes from the ballistic plates.

You can wear these vests over your clothing for protection. They have pockets to carry equipment like a radio, pens, a tactical knife, extra magazines and more. LA Police Gear carries men’s tactical vests and ones for women as well.

The best thing about tactical vest carriers is that everything you need is within reach for when SHTF. They are a critical part of everyday police uniforms and offer protection for soldiers as well. Most tactical vests today can be worn under your uniform, or with a carrier you can wear outside your uniform. The outer vest carrier is the most popular today because of the convenience of accessing your equipment easier.

We also carry several styles of tactical vests such as medical vests, combat vests, range vests, chest carriers, basic tactical vests and others so you’re sure to find just what you need. Most come with utility pockets, pouches and other handy accessories.

No person or assignment is the same, so you want to be able to customize how you wear your equipment on your vest. MOLLE vests and modular tac allow you to customize your vests, making your equipment convenient. The vest is also more comfortable. 

Vendors manufacture these vests for maximum comfort, durability and mobility with features like mesh webbing and foam padding. These vests are crafted from light material to reduce the fatigue of carrying it and your equipment. The durable material ensures that your tactical vest carrier lasts for years, even after long hours of wear and tear.

The tactical vest closures are hook-and-loop closures, buckles or zippers so they are easy to take off and put on quickly. LA Police Gear carries a wide selection of tactical vests and plate carriers made by 5.11, Condor, Blackhawk and others. So, check them out today.