LAPG sells tactical gear gun safes are actually designed to be little sanctuaries for your gunsrifles and firearms. At the end of the day, they are places where your weapon finds shelter and protection; sheltered from firedust and moisture, protected from intruders and thieves. Visit one of our California stores for a live demonstration or just search online. Our 24x7 chat support will respond to questions and queries.

Police OfficersCHP OfficersSheriff’s DeputiesSecurity GuardsFirst Responders even Soldiers agree that our tactical gear gun safes are a safe bet. They can be small or roomy depending on your decision to garage a small pistol or an arsenal of weapons. We recommend heavy weight safes made with high densitysteel that burglars will fail to liftcarry away or break into. We’ve made it doubly difficult for them though. Apart from our tactical gear gun safes, which only open by fingerprint recognition, we also have gun safes with electronic locks, digital locks requiring passwords as well as dial locks. It really depends on your personal preference; we know from years of experience that electronic locks are faster to use vis-à-vis dial locks that offer more durability and reliability

You can choose from a wide range; the Maxpedition Steel Cable Lock5ive Star Gear Toilet Paper Roller SafeGun Vault Mini-Vault Biometric Fingerprint Pistol SafeWinchester Defender Keylock Handgun SafeGun Vault Mini-Vault SafeGun Vault Multi-Vault safe with many compartments, the Gun Vault Speed Vault Standard with electronic locking systems that are state-of-the-art.  

Life can be safe but colorful too. Choose from BlackGreen and Khaki. If you like miniature weapons our Black CA Approved ATV 2003C Magnet Gun Caddy will be one closet vault you’ll love to own. While our ASP Products Three Dial Combination Lock is completely secure, our DAC Technologies Sportsafe Safe 
11.5 x 6.75 x 8.5 Black CA could be a good choice too. Other variants are the DAC Technologies Floor Safe 14 x 10 x 10 Black CA Approved S2500E and the DAC Technologies Sportsafe Base Safe ATVMPLsuperiortechnology that keeps you firmly grounded to safety; this has been our honest endeavor. We offer DeluxeVersions too; the Gun Vault Multi Vault Deluxe Safe and the Gun Vault Mini Vault Deluxe Pistol Safe, in case you want to opt for an upgraded variant

A word of advice when buying tactical gear gun safes; a smaller gauge steel safe will be heavier and thus more secure than a lighter one. Our tactical gear gun safes are built with 10-gauge walls and are easily bolted to the wall and the floor. Or you could blend them into bookshelves or walls through our in-built camouflage fronts.

Additional drawers for extra storagepockets for small itemsdehumidifiershidden compartments that are outfitted to our tactical gear gun safes – you’ll agree that we take gun safety very seriously. However, it is best not to store loaded guns and ammunition together in the gun safe. You could always store them in secondary compartments and extra drawers built into our tactical gear gun safes. We have separate drawers too for you to fit in all paperwork

It would also be good to attach a vibration sensor to your tactical gear gun safe to be absolutely safe. But, don’t worry; our tactical gear gun cases have hard plates between the locker and the re-locker that can be your second line of defense. That way, your lock can endure the shock of the force of a break-in

Our gun safes that are rated as waterproof should protect the contents in home flooding situations. But what about fire? The UL rated fireproof safes can hold out against 1200 degree Fahrenheit house fires for an hour.

By UL-rating standards, our tactical gear gun safes have been rated as Residential Security Containers that can fend off a single entry attempt. We are also TL-30 rated, which means our tactical gear gun safes can stand firm against a tool-based attack for up to half an hour. The high-end variants have a rating of TL-60, which means they can withstand attacks by mini bombs and similar explosives

Traditional subterfuge has not been the only criteria for the engineering drawing and design of our tactical gear gun safes. Our gun safes protect your gunspistols and rifles; keeping them at safe distance from your childrennosy neighborsteens not to forget strangers with criminal intent, who may enter your home by hook or by crook. 

The safety of your gun determines the safety of your home. By all means, a gun safe is a costly investmentmeant to protect you and your family. We guarantee quality that comes with a justifiable price tageasypayment optionsfree shipping and lifetime warranty.

Better safe than sorry