Hard Body Armor

Level III vs. Level IV Body Armor: What Level Do You Need?

When it comes to personal protection against ballistic threats, having the right gear is paramount. Ballistic plates play a crucial role in enhancing your safety by providing an extra layer of defense. However, choosing between different protection levels can be confusing...

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Level III vs Level IV Body Armor: What Level Do You Need?

Find the Right Hard Body Armor Plate for any Mission

Explore our Hard Body Armor collection to find the perfect fit for you. We offer a range of sizes and cuts, including Level III, Level IIIA, Level III+ and Level IV plates. Choose from a variety of options to ensure the best fit for your needs.

Shop our selection of armour plates available in both standard and shooters cut configurations, offering the perfect fit for your needs. Choose from a variety of ballistic plates for the right balance of protection and mobility, based on your needs and preferences.

Which Level Body Armor do you need?

Upgrade your defense with our Level III plates for rifle round protection and Level IIIA plates for handgun defense. For ultimate protection, explore our Level 4 plates designed to withstand high-velocity rifle rounds, ensuring your safety in high-risk scenarios. We personally go out and test our own LAPG Level 4 Plates to make sure they are up to the highest standards. We have gone as far as testing it with much higher caliber rounds.

Complete Coverage with Armor Side Plates

Ensure you are completely covered by adding side plates to your kit. Coming in both 6x6 plates and 6x8 plates, we have the extra coverage you need. These plates complement your primary armor, addressing potential threats from all angles. While these do prevent some mobility and add to the weight of your kit, side plates can be that vital extra protection you need.

Shop Body Armor Kits

Shop our kits that we have built to make your life easier. We have packages that can fit any budget. Using our JTE plate carrier, and packaging it with two Level 4 body armor plates, you have one of the lowest prices you can find. We also have plate packages using the best carriers and armor you can find.

8x10, 10x12, and 11x14 Plates

We carry the most popular size plates that will fit almost anyone. The 8x10 plates are perfect for women or someone on the smaller side. The 10x12 plates are the most common and fit the average sized person. These also are what fit in MOST plate carriers. The 11x14 plate is most common for someone that is quite a bit taller.

Remember, when figuring out the size for your plate, you only need to cover your vital organs. That includes you heart and lungs. The armor does not need to go all the way down past your belly button.

Ceramic Body armor Plates vs Steel Plates

This is a highly debated question, however, there are Pros and Cons to both.

Steel armor is usually cheaper than Ceramic Armor which is a consideration for many people. However, Steel armor is heavier. The weight can really add up when you consider both front and back plates.

Ceramic armor is thicker but much lighter than Steel. It also isn't going to spall (fragments break off and potentially insure you).