Hard Body Armor

Level III vs. Level IV Body Armor: What Level Do You Need?

When it comes to personal protection against ballistic threats, having the right gear is paramount. Ballistic plates play a crucial role in enhancing your safety by providing an extra layer of defense. However, choosing between different protection levels can be confusing...

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Level III vs Level IV Body Armor: What Level Do You Need?

Unyielding protection, customizable configurations, and cutting-edge design – because your safety is non-negotiable.

Our Hard Body Armor collection has a range of Level III, Level IIIA, and Level IV plates, in various sizes and cuts so you can choose the configuration that best suits your preference.

Advanced Protection, Varied Configurations: Discover our full-sized plates available in both standard and shooters cut configurations, offering a tailored fit for your specific needs. Whether you prioritize maximum coverage or enhanced mobility, our diverse plate options ensure you find the perfect balance between protection and maneuverability.

Level Up Your Defense: Our Level III plates provide robust protection against rifle rounds, while Level IIIA plates offer reliable defense against handgun threats. For ultimate armor integrity, explore our Level IV plates designed to withstand high-velocity rifle rounds, ensuring your safety in high-risk scenarios.

Complete Coverage with Side Plates: Enhance your protective arsenal with our side plates, adding an extra layer of defense to ensure comprehensive coverage. These plates complement your primary armor, addressing potential threats from all angles.

Tailored Protection for Every Mission: Whether you're a professional in the field or an enthusiast seeking top-tier protection, our hard body armor collection offers a range of options to suit your mission requirements. Invest in your safety with confidence, knowing you have the best in class armor at your disposal.