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Hard Body Armor


Hard Armor

Body protection is really important when you are in a tactical situation and your enemies are around firing rounds from their rifle at you. You want to have all sorts of tactical gear on your body to keep yourself breathing as you try to get the better of the opposition. Whether you are part of a riot team, first responder, security guards, police or military, you need appropriate body armor to survive in those tough situations. Remember, however, that there are multiple types of body armor available these days and if you are looking to get protection against the gunshots then you need to equip your tactical gear with the best armor plates available. This type of body protection is meant to survive in a tactical environment where your enemies or criminals are equipped with rifles. So, make sure that you buy the best products from the best brands and survive those serious impacts when you are in the line of fire.

Hard armor usually comprises of a soft armor shell that is covered in the metal plates, normally made with ceramic or ballistic steel. Even though it may have a few minor drawbacks, Armor Plates is rated highly for protecting the users against high-caliber rifle ammunition. It is also among the most commonly used types of body armor no matter what type of tactical situations you are faced with. Such tactical gear is being manufactured by top manufacturers in the industry and you can find huge variety in these pieces as well.

To make your selection easier, we at LA Police Gear bring you the widest assortment of hard armor products from world’s best brands. We have products in store from brands like LA Police Gear, AR500 Armor, Armor Express, United Shield International, Point Blank Body Armor, Protech, Damascus Gear, and North American Rescue. If you have been serving in military or police for some times and have had dealt with different types of tactical gear over the years, you must be familiar with these names. They have been recognized as the best manufacturers of tactical products in the market and you can rely on them any day of the year.

If you are looking for level III plates for your hard armor needs, you must check out our AR500 Level III ASC Plate – 10x12 which has been manufactured using highly rugged ballistic grade steel core and is coated in the PAXCON and fragmentation protective coating. You won’t find anything of this type in the market as it offers way better durability and consistency. It’s also tested to meet the NIJ standards as well. With its stress fracture resistant core, this hard body armor has been designed to survive extreme abuse in routine use. It is way better compared to other similar solutions on the market and will easily outlast them when put to similar use. You can trust the quality and you won’t be disappointed at all.

We have a wide range of products on offer for your hard armor needs. Just go through our products catalogue and figure out what’s worthy of your tactical gear.