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Fanny and Waist Packs



Tactical Fanny and Waist Packs give you the freedom to run and roll. Made of reinforced Nylon or Polyester they are light but strong with a foam padded interior and pockets that will hold snacks,cellphonessmartphonescashkeyschange, bike tools, a spy camera or a spare tube.

Police OfficersCHP OfficersFirst RespondersSoldiers and Security Guards have hailed our tactical Fanny Packs for their portabilitydurability, and affordability. They come in stylish colors with lifetime warranty and free shipping

Choose from a variety; the Maxpedition OCTA Versipack 0455, the Blackhawk Fanny Pack, the Maxpedition Proteus Versipack 0402, the Maxpedition M-1 Waistpack, the Condor Fanny Pack, the Maxpedition Thermite Versipack 0401, the Galco Escort Waistpack, the Maxpedition M4 Waistpack, the High Speed Gear Sniper Waist Pack, the Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. L.R.R.P. Butt Pack; let our customer service team guide you. 

Be it a tactical waist pack, a hip pack or a lumbar pack, our tactical Fanny Pack is a versatile carry along companions on tactical operationsfield or fishing tripstravels and toursbike commuting and trail running trips. They will carry a concealed weaponmemory cardspower cordsbackup batteries and other accessories; also mobile deviceswalletsunscreensports gelsshaving creamshaving lotionrazors, a pocket knife, a can openersunglassesUSB charging cablesbottles of watertissue paperfirst aid supplies, a small bottle of Isopropyl Alcoholchewing gum, a pair of contact lensespepperspray, credit cards, debit cards and more. 

Many of our Tactical Gear Fanny and Waist Packs have a removable belt, some will have a bungee cord to secure your rain jacket, a few are gender fit while all will pass strict airport security checks. The waxed canvas outer makes for easy wipe cleaning making them suitable for regular use. Our Fishing Fanny Packs for anglershave taped seams at the bottom that keep everything dry during a river crossing. The lumbar packs have roomy interiors and pockets that will pack more. Moreover, they have thick comfortable pads that act as protective shields against quick fallswetting by water and abrasion by scratches

Designed to be feathery light, our Tactical Gear Fanny and Waist Packs are minimalistic in design with central, inside and exterior pockets that are made with waterproof zippers and fabric; hence submerge-ableand perfect for underwater tactical operations. Our Hydration Fanny and Waist packs have a magnetic bucklethat will hold your hydration hose securely in its place. 

We also have Fanny Bags and Packs for Trail Runners and Endurance Athletes, who love multi-pitch rockclimbshikes and split-board tours. Made of rip-stop Nylon, they are light on the back and come with cozy pockets that fit in small items comfortably. Other fanny and waist packs act as functional Dopp Kits, still others have extra pockets for toiletries. The outer attachment pockets of some tactical gear fanny and waist packsare meant to provide one-handed access, which is crucial to the success of a tactical operation

We’re sure, as Police OfficersCHP Officers, and First Responders actively engaged in law enforcement, you would opt for our anti-theft tactical gear fanny and waist packsPickpockets won’t make a headway with the locking compartments and slash-proof construction of these fanny and waist packs. Moreover, these Tactical Gear Fanny and Waist Bags have RFID blocking card and passport slots built into them that can’t be detected by electronic pickpockets. Another added feature is a pull-out water bottle compartment to let you have that drink on the go.  

Walking your dog to the farmer’s market, joining your buddies for a beer at the downtown pub, heading to the carnival or that flea market, hiking on the slopes and valleys, braving  the challenge of a tough tacticalmission, being part of a rescue and relief operation, passing through airports on that long haul field tripbikingdown an unknown trailparagliding over a mountain stream, rolling against the gangstersrunning down the fitness tracksniffing around for the scent of a predatorsilent night-guard on a covert mission; a comfortable cross body light fanny and waist pack will give you the freedom of movement you’ve always wanted. 

Run. Roll. Spring. Step. Jump. With the LAPG Tactical Gear Fanny and Waist Pack, you’re finally free to get rolling.