Department Patches

Police Patches

When it comes to law enforcement and sheriffpatches, you may not think that quality is important. After all, doesn’t a patch just need to be comfortable and functional? Well, you’ll get both of those things from LA Police Gear — and even more quality tactical gear too.

LA Police Gear sells top notch products from the best brands in the industry. Put that ass-kicking patch on one of our durable and comfortable uniforms. They also look great on our tactical bags and packs.

And don’t forget: our in-house brand of tactical gear is more affordable without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Founded By Cops, For Cops.

How do we know what goes into a quality police patch? Easy: we’re former cops ourselves. That means the law enforcement patches we have for sale are authentic and meet all standard requirements. So whether you’re a highway patrol officer, a security guard, or a first responder, you’ll know that you’re getting a patch from someone who knows what you need.

We started this business because we’re passionate about tactical gear. We love this business and we are proud to make sure that only the roughest, toughest, but most comfortable equipment is available for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cop or not. As long as you want great gear at a competitive price, you are in the right place.

Buy from us and experience our industry leading customer service. If you have a problem, we’ll take care of you. Because that’s what people like us do.