Shears is a type of scissors that can be used in a variety of different applications. They even have medical and tactical uses and can be a perfect choice to feature on your tactical gear. In fact, all the military and police operatives prefer to have best quality shears with them all the time in order to deal with any kind of medical and tactical situation that they may come across. You can even find their use in camping, hunting and shooting. In fact, first responder team members and security guards should have them handy to deal with different types of emergencies and their cutting needs. Usually, they are made with the highest quality stainless steel material and you can find their use in just about any situation that you might imagine. They have a serrated lower blade to them which significantly increases their cutting power. In fact, it is their extreme cutting power which makes them an ideal choice for both utility and medical tasks.

Even though shears and scissors apparently look the same, they are actually distinct tools that have different applications. It is really important, therefore, that an appropriate instrument is chosen for any particular application. Shears can be used for trimming hedges, cutting fabrics, cutting animal fleece, and even cutting metal sheets and wires. When it comes to the tactical shears, they can be used for cutting trough tough materials like web gear, leather, boots, denim, and heavy winter clothes. You can even use them for cutting the softer materials like gauze, something that conventional trauma shears may not be able to do. Considering such variety of applications and importance of shears in tactical settings, most tactical gear manufacturers today have their offerings on the market. Regardless of the brand you choose, they can serve great purpose and can be the best friend of campers, adventurers, military and police operatives, and hunters in a variety of different tactical situations.

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