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When your job requires tools, hand protection is priceless!  That's where Mechanix Wear comes in.  Mechanic Wear's commitment to hand protection has earned them their trusted reputation worldwide. Mechanix Wear has a strict commitment to anatomical design, industry-leading material technology and rigorous testing standards, and a belief in innovating the most advanced tools for working hands. 

The Mechanix Wear Original Glove was born in 1991 by a legendary race mechanic that started the revolution of working hands and hand protection.  Since that day, Mechanix Wear Gloves have grown into industries that require skilled hands such as construction workers, trade professionals, service members and law enforcement officers.  And that is why it can be confidently said that Mechanix Wear is THE TOOL THAT FITS LKE A GLOVE.

Our LA Police Gear warehouse workers are militant about wearing gloves, and their top choice is Mechanix Gloves Wear The Original Covert Tactical Gloves.  The Original Tactical Glove has literally revolutionized the hand protection industry with its anatomical design and versatility.  Rugged 0.8mm synthetic leather creates the perfect combination of dexterity and durability. And the Breathable TrekDry helps keep their hands cool and comfortable during long days. 

There are an infinite amount of intended uses for the Mechanix Wear The Original Covert Tactical Glove, and that's why these gloves are the go-to for military professionals, law enforcement officers, shooting enthusiasts, maintenance repair operators, outdoor adventurers and many others. 

Check out LA Police Gear's wide range of Mechanix gloves.  We promise we will have what you need.  Mechanix Wear is in stock and ready to ship!