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Altama Boots


The Altama boot Misson: 'To honor the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect, serve, and defend, by providing them with the best boots available.'  Since 1969, Altama has proudly carried the Americal military through every challenging environment that global conflict has thrown its way. And Altama Boots has no intention of stopping now.  

All of Altama's boots go through extensive testing, in-house, and by independent companies, before being 'Wear Tested' by chosen civilian and military volunteers. This provides Altama with valuable feedback on how their boots actually perform in real life scenarios and ensures that Altama delivers the best boots on the market today.

At L.A. Police Gear, our staff give the Altama OTB Boot Maritime Assault Mid TWO thumbs up!  This Altama OTB Boot is made for all tactical water operations, and even has a fin-friendly fit, which means it will fit just about any dive fin used by militaries world wide.  And yes, one of our staff members did wear this boot while he went diving, and he agreed it does exactly what it's supposed to do!