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The Best Footwear Brands

We know a thing or two about quality footwear, and Salomon combat boots are some of the best in the industry. At LA Police Gear, we’ve done the research on every single brand we have in our collections, so you know that all the items you purchase from us are built to last and will hold up in the line of duty.

The Salomon special forces shoes are made for people on their feet. All of their footwear is modeled after the original running shoe, so they’re designed with comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking for trail running shoes or want some heavy-duty combat boots, we’ve put together a vast collection of footwear to choose from at LA Police Gear.

Get the Most from LAPG

We want our customers to be covered from head to toe in quality gear. So, whether you need footwear from Altama shoes or need riot gear, we have the tactical gear and equipment you need to perform your best. Whether you’re a police officer or an avid outdoors enthusiast, we have items you can use every day. Plus, we have a variety of resources for customers to use like blogs, a holster finder, and more! 

Explore more from LAPG and get the footwear you need today! From maritime assault boots to sandals, we have a complete collection to keep your feet comfortable and performing at your best. Shop LAPG now!