Personal Protection

Everyone who puts themselves in risky situations needs to look out for themselves. This includes the men and women who serve and civilians who seek new challenges. If your worst nightmare should ever become a reality, personal protection supplies from LA Police Gear will help you defend your well-being. We'll help you take on natural hazards, unruly suspects and even wild animals with tactical safety equipment from Oakley, AR500, Bobster, Mace Security and other protection leaders. Sometimes the biggest threats are the ones you encounter every day. Killer rays, bitter cold and stray rocks can make a shift go south before it begins. We stock a wide variety of tactical sunglasses plus storage bags and lens cleaners to shield your eyes from UV rays. When the months get colder, wear balaclavas, gloves and facemasks to stay warm. Add elbow pad and knee pad inserts to your uniform to prevent soreness and cushion hard impacts. If the air is grungy, a particulate respirator mask will help you breathe easier. The LAPG experts have selected gear for protection against living threats as well. Pepper spray can be used by law enforcement to subdue dangerous individuals or by civilians for self-defense in high-risk areas. Batons and foggers are other methods of non-lethal force. For bigger missions, use tactical plate carriers to hold bulletproof vests and other body armor. Protection is important at home as well. We carry pistol safes, gun racks and other weapon storage solutions so you can defend your homestead without the guns falling into the wrong hands. Personal protection shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg, not even figuratively. LA Police Gear has a Price Match Guarantee on all of our protective equipment so you don't pay more than you have to for quality supplies. Many orders ship the same business day so you don't have to go any longer without the tools to defend yourself.

We only carry the best when it comes to personal defense - either on or off-duty.  ASP and Monadnock police batons have been a favorite of cops for almost 25 years.  These brands make the best expanding batons money can buy. If we are talking Stun Guns you want to try and UZI or Smith and Wesson brand unit. Defense Tech (also known as DefTec) and Sabre make the most popular brands of pepper spray and mace.

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