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We aren’t into fixing bugs in computers. But our tactical gear laptop and tablet cases will give your tablet or laptop a cozy hug cushioning them from bumps, scratches, falls, scrapes and abrasions.

Exclusively designed for business travel, our tactical gear laptop and tablet cases come with roomy main compartments, dedicated tech pockets not to mention unique butterfly pockets that are checkpoint friendly.

Choose from our Maxpedition Range; the Maxpedition Tactical Neatfreak Organizer, the Maxpedition Incognito Laptop Backpack, the Maxpedition iPhone 6 Plus Pouch, the Maxpedition iPhone 6 Pouch. These tactical gear laptop and tablet cases have main compartments with as many as 13 built-in pockets with a Velcro divider with 3 additional pockets that can accommodate Hook & Loop Accessories.

LA Police Gear tactical gear laptop and tablet cases are made with 1000-Denier Triple Polyurethane fabric that is water and abrasion resistant. Moreover, the fabric is ballistic Nylon, lightweight, coated with Teflon fabric protector for grime resistance and easy maintenance. The composite Nylon thread used in these laptop and tablet cases is high tensile meaning they are expandable enough to accommodate more loads and accessories. Lined with #AS-100 high grade closed cell foam padding material they have superior shock resistance.

While our Maxpedition Tactical Neatfreak Organizer has 2 rows of PALS Webbing so you can attach a sheath for increased carry capacity, it also has an additional slip pocket with modular Velcro flaps to secure it firmly on to your backpack, leg rig or tactical vest. Moreover, tri-directional carry handles or highly padded shoulder straps of our Maxpedition Range and other tactical gear laptop and tablet cases allow you to hold the tactical gear pack from multiple directions or simply sling it over your shoulder.

Our tactical gear laptop and tablet internal pouches offer rugged protection for your 15’’ laptop with internal breathable mesh padding, PALS Webbing and lockable CWW Pockets, which can also fit in a large handgun. They are Bartacked or Box-and-X stitched with doubly stitched stretch points for added strength. There is a snug fit headphone port for you to play your favorite tunes.

Surely as a Police Officer, a CHP Officer employed in Law Enforcement or as the First Responder in an emergency, you wouldn’t want a switched off electronic device emitting a slight electronic pulse that can be traced down by sophisticated detection devices which can intercept signals to access classified information. Our Blackhawk Under The Radar Tactical Gear Range of Laptop and Tablet Cases are designed to block unwanted electronic transmission. They are insulated with Zero Trace Signal Blocking Technology that protects electronic devices from remote exploitation by blocking incoming and outgoing signals. This means your laptop or tablet can’t be traced and private information remains safe and secure on your device.

Whether you choose our Blackhawk Under The Radar Security Pouch – 13’’ or the bigger Blackhawk Under The Radar Laptop Security Pouch – 17’’ or the Blackhawk Under The Radar iPad Security Pouch - these maximum security tactical gear laptop and tablet cases are designed as shields against unwanted reading of RFID Technology found in US Passports, drivers licenses, IDs and credit cards. The Blackhawk Range showcases tactical gear tablet and laptop cases that are made out of 1050 Denier Nylon. Their electromagnetic interior lining blocks incoming or outgoing signals with roughly 33dbm of attenuation. Moreover, their foam padding ensures extra protection and insulation.

Going on a mission? Our Tactical Tailor Rapid Repositionable Pouch System (RRPS) might be the perfect backup you’re looking for. It will attach to any hook or loop system organizing bags, packs, mission essentials and any other accessory that can be lined with a loop. You can fix it on to the backseat of your vehicle. The RRPS laptop sleeve is designed to add on a convenient carry case and a laptop protector that can be attached securely to the inside of loop lined bags or packs. Also, hassle free removal or replacement of the entire sleeve from a bag means your laptop doesn’t slide even during quick changes on the go. Designed to be standalone laptop or tablet cases or as part of a carrier, these tactical gear
500 D Construction Cases carry 15’’ laptops with ease and style.

Black, Grey, Tan, Khaki; finely finished internal seams, Paracord Zipper Pulls, Hoop Line Backing, the
Pile System, Electronic Device Protection; our tactical gear laptop and tablet cases are top-of-the-line drop-in tactical gear organizers. Ask for Free Shipping across USA, choose your preferred payment mode, walk into any of our stores in Los Angeles, California, chat with the 24x7 chat team; be as snug as you want to be.

Be it the smug bug or none at all; your best buddy needs that snug hug.