Morale Patches


Morale patches create comradery, represent what makes you proud, show off your sense of humor, and even provide unique personalization opportunities. Whether you’re signifying your qualifications or telling people what you stand for, patches and other insignia are a must-have.

We’ve made sure to create an expansive collection of patches so you don’t have to search high and low for what you need. Whether you want a patch that acknowledges darker humor or you need a patch for a practical and work-related purpose, we’ve got you covered.


From tactical boots and pants to patches and gloves, LA Police Gear has what you need to help you perform your best. We know how important it is to have the gear you can count on to get you through the day, and our collection of police morale patches, tactical gear, and more will help you do just that.

Made with durable materials and expert workmanship, every piece you purchase from LA Police Gear will help you perform your best. Our products are made by cops for cops, so you can feel confident your gear will be ready when you need it most. Explore more from LA Police Gear and find what you need today!