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Bates Boots


Bates tactical boots are some of the most popular for law enforcement officers, military service members and first responders all over the world. They have a long history of manufacturing high-quality footwear since 1885. As one of the oldest boot manufacturers in the U.S., Bates boots are some of the most popular tactical footwear for our nation’s troops and first responders.

Bates is tactically minded in everything they do because they want to ensure that the men and women who risk their lives every day have the protection they deserve. A soldier or officer is only as good as the tactical boots on his or her feet.

Bates shoes are high-performing and can handle the dynamic nature of a first responder’s job and the daily pressure their hard work puts on footwear. That’s why they’re so popular. Bates boots are built for comfort and durability because you never know what’s going to happen next.

And just because these boots are high-quality, it doesn’t mean they are high-priced. Bates boots are affordable compared to other brands of first responders’ boots of the same quality. That’s one of the reasons they are so unique and well-liked. They still remain one of our most popular tactical boot brands.

You’ll find shoes built like duty shoes, athletic footwear, waterproof tactical boots and more. Bates has many comfortable styles of duty boots and shoes, so every police officer, military member or fan of Bates boots can find a pair perfect for them.

Police boots serve a critical function to officers everywhere. You want footwear that’s comfortable to wear all day and keeps you dry in any weather. If your footwear doesn’t work for you, then it’s hard for you to do your job. Police and first responders are always chasing the best tactical boots, and some are quite expensive. It’s hard to find a balance, like Bates has found, between price and quality.

You’ll find that Bates boots have some great features. The Bates DuraShocks’ comfort technology absorbs shocks and then returns the energy via compression pads in the outsole and heel. The Bates ICS—Individual Comfort System technology—lets you customize your comfort with an adjustable dial under your heel.

At LAPG, we know what people who work the most dangerous jobs need in their footwear. As tactical gear and clothing experts, we highly recommend you try a pair of Bates tactical footwear for your next pair of police boots.