Base Layer Bottoms

Base Layer Bottoms

When it comes to maintaining your perfect body temperature in winter months or in chilly areas, the base layer bottoms play an equally significant part as the tops to keep you warm enough. However, when you are working as security guards, military, police, or first responder, you have to make sure that you buy something that is worthy of being there in your tactical gear. Why? Well, your clothing plays a very important part in keeping you agile and active in all those challenging situations that you have to go through day in and day out. Obviously, you not only have to maintain optimum body temperatures but also have to ensure that you don’t face any kind of hindrance whatsoever in your tactical movements. So, always make sure that you buy the best products from the top brands in the market and never compromise on your performance. 

Base layer clothing is necessary for maintaining the optimum body temperature in cold weather conditions. You can opt for the stylish tactical gear but comfort and quality should be your top priority when it comes to the base layer. Obviously, you have to wear it on the inside and the key purpose of this type of clothing is to keep you comfortable so that your body keeps performing at the optimum levels. Besides, the bottoms are equally important as the tops and you shouldn’t compromise on their quality either. 

Our range of products here at LA police gear brings you some of the finest base layer bottoms and we have the best brands in store for you. You can find products from top brands like 5.11 tactical, Under Armour, XGO, Tommie Copper, Condor Tactical, TRU-SPEC, Blauer, Frog Toggs and Propper. The products meet the highest standards of quality and are recommended by the industry experts and are rated highly by our customers as well. From finest quality fabrics to the perfect custom fit, you can expect the best experience from each product on our catalogue whether you choose bottom pants, shorts or any other base layer item for that matter. 

Check out this Blauer Quick Heat Thermal Pants to get the feel of quality you can expect from our tactical gear. Made with moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, brushed fabric, this product meets the highest quality standards and comes with the most comfortable design as well. It is lined with fleece to give your body all the warmth and insulation it needs in those chilly areas and makes sure that you keep performing at your best. 

It is not always the easiest to know exactly what features you should be taking into account to find the best tactical gear to meet your specific needs. So, we decided to make the job easier for you by listing down our top-selling and the best base layer bottoms. Have a look at these and explore more on our catalogue.