Tactical Clothing


The Ultimate Tactical Clothing Collection

Our tactical clothing is made with durable, high-quality materials. We never want our customers to worry about rips, tears, or breakage when they’re wearing our tactical apparel. 

We make tactical shirts, tactical pants, socks, and more for men and women to use every day. Elevate your tactical game with our premium selection of rugged and functional tactical clothing. From military-inspired tactical styles to versatile everyday wear, explore the latest in tactical apparel for unmatched style and performance. If you are searching for durable and affordable clothing you can feel confident using, look no further than LA Police Gear. 

Founded by Cops for Cops

LA Police Gear knows first-hand what law enforcement needs on the job. We’re founded by cops for cops, so you can feel confident that your tactical clothing will be able to handle whatever the day may throw your way. 

We’ve made it our mission to provide first responders, police officers, and everyday citizens with affordable, high-quality tactical apparel. Whether you’re updating your body armor or looking for a new pair of hiking boots, LA Police Gear is here to help you find the gear you need. Explore more today!