Keychains really make a multipurpose tool that you can use in your daily routine and can also incorporate them into your tactical gear for some useful purposes. Obviously, you have to manage lots of keys in your daily routine like those of your door lock, car lock, drawer lock, etc. and you can’t simply afford to put them somewhere and completely forget where you had put a certain key. So, you need a keychain that can keep them together and keep them in front of your eyes all the time. The keychains also make an essential part of tactical gear for police, military, first responder, security guards, sheriffs, jailers and more. They can also have similar needs and a keychain can help them keep their keys together and organized. Even better, the modern day keychains can multipurpose as well. They can be designed to have USB charging cable, corckscrew and just about anything you might imagine. So, it always pays to have such a nice tool handy.

Keychains are the key organizers that serve the basic purpose of keeping your keys organized and together in one place so that you may not have to keep looking for them all the time. The manufacturers, however, keep innovating and they now come in a variety of different designs that can help serve some additional functions as well. Some of them can even turn into handy tools for a variety of different tactical situations. Their importance can't be stressed more as some of the biggest tactical gear manufacturers are manufacturing these products these days and you can find a wide variety of these in the market.

Here at LA Police Gear, we bring you just about everything that can help you in one way or another in a range of different situations. We believe keychains make an important tool to have in the modern day lifestyle and you should buy ones from the top brands to take advantage of some cool additional features. We bring you the best quality keychains from LA Police Gear, Nite Ize, 5ive Star Gear, ASP Products, RE Factor Tactical, Aker Leather Holsters, Blackhawk, Condor Tactical, Fenix, Fury, Mil-Spec Monkey, Nomad, SOG and Voodoo Tactical. With our widest collection brought together to bring you nothing but the best, you should start looking now.

Start your hunt with our best-selling Voodoo Tactical Blood Type Tags that can also double up as your keychain or can simply serve as a poster carrying your blood type. In emergency situations, it’s really important that the rescuers know what your blood group is and when it’s visible on your keychain, it will cut them a lot of hassle. You can easily turn them into your keychain as well courtesy their quick-release snap hooks and the hook & loop straps. Even if you don’t want them to double as your keychain, you can clip them onto your vest, pants, jacket, or just about anywhere you like so that they travel with you everywhere.

For more variety in keychains, keep looking through our collection and you’ll surely find something that’s worthy of being on your tactical gear.