EMS Bags

Every Superhero needs a Good Samaritan

Successful Critical Care begins and ends with a Superhero like you. But even a Superhero needs a helpful companion. That’s why our EMS Bags are designed to be like good Samaritans always there for you to reach out to.

The Golden Hour or those Platinum Ten Minutes can be your defining moment. Be it a car accident, a blazing fire, a cardiac arrest or an opioid overdose, as the clock ticks away, your fight to save a life is as difficult as that of the victim, who fights to stay alive. But you need your mandatory mobile medical supplies as the lifeline that will stabilize the man, woman or child who has suffered an unexpected traumatic injury, a first degree burn or an accidental poisoning.

Just as the surgeon needs his scalpel, you need your mobile medical items intuitively organized in an EMS bag that will fit them all in a design that has been developed over a prototype that has evolved time and again. Our EMS bags are conceptualized on continuous inputs from paramedics, police officers, firefighters and first responders with years of field experience. The small and big sections of our Corduroy or Nylon EMS bags come stitched with ‘mil-spec’ and ‘industrial sewn’ cases to serve as your mini emergency kits before the ambulance arrives to transport your casualty to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

As a trained and certified emergency medical technician or medic you know all about intuitive organization of your EMS bag. But we’ve also kept in mind the ease of transport of your casualty and the frequency of usage of your EMS bag. In Emergency Medical Services, it is crucial for you not to be weighed down by your EMS bag. Our EMS bags come with backpack straps, adjustable shoulder straps or handles. They literally take the weight off your shoulders leaving your hands free to facilitate convenience of transport whether in open space or through a Monday morning crowd at a downtown traffic signal. Moreover, our EMS bags have spaces cordoned off into individual modular compartments to allow you to carry additional critical back up supplies separately; for easy navigation in a time of crisis.

Our EMS bags are as unbreakable as you are in your soul and spirit. Made of tough woven textile that is quality controlled and durability tested, our EMS bags remain abrasion resistant even after numerous washes and continuous use. We also have EMS bags in Vinyl, Tarpaulin and synthetic non-woven textile meant for occasions where water and fluid resistance are integrated into the design. The First Responder Community in the greater Los Angeles area and suburban Emergency Medical Service Volunteers have vouched for the quality and durability of our EMS bags. These reliable Samaritans come equipped with quality stitching and best-in-the-market YKK Zippers, internal lanyards as well as hook and loop Velcro closures that are quickly accessible, secure, and fail-proof.

In the Golden Hour, every minute matters. You want bystanders to give you the leeway you need to transit from a life and death situation to intensive medical care. Our EMS bags ensure high visibility for you to stand out in the crowd as advanced medical emergency medical crew. They come in a range of colors with matte and fluorescent finishes with customized universal Star of Life logo and other unit logo branding options. Pick what you like from the First Tactical Medium Jump Bag, the Voodoo Tactical Field Medical Pack, the North American Rescue Warriors Aid and Litter Kit-Walk, the Voodoo Tactical 3-Way Medical Deployment Bag, the Blackhawk Special Ops Medical Backpack, the North American Rescue S.T.O.R.M. Operator IFAK, the North American Rescue Medic Trauma Sheet Bag (CCRK), the Tactical Tailor First Responder Bag, the North American Rescue 4-AID Bag, the First Tactical Large Jump Bag, the Tactical Medical Solutions ARK, the Tactical Tailor 72 Hour Medical Pack, the North American Rescue Maritime Assault Kit, the High Speed Gear First Responder Combo, the North American Rescue Individual Kit, ; the colors come in hues and shades as diverse as Yellow, Ochre, Red, Blue, Pink, Grey, dark Grey, Brown, Black, Green, Olive and stripes. There are deluxe variants as well.

We know that emergency medical supplies come in different sizes and shapes. Our Blackhawk Fire/EMS Mobile Operations Black Bag - Small, Tactical ALS/BLS Duffel, Tactical UCR Sling Pack Medical Kit, Tactical Small Kit Bag, Blackhawk Emergency Medic Roll, Tactical Operations ALS Backpack,
Tactical UCR Thigh Rig Med Kit, EMI Step In Bag, EMS Medical Roll Up, North American Rescue Operator BLK/FAK, North American Rescue Medic Trauma Pack, North American Rescue High Risk Warrant Casualty Kit, North American Rescue 5 SAR Aid Kit, Blackhawk M-7 Compact Medical Pack are all designed keeping different emergencies in mind. They are ideal for your personal vehicles with interior and exterior pockets and sections and individual detachable modules that can be removed as and when required. There are larger sections for life support units, bulkier supplies and supplies requiring multiple pieces.

Our EMS bags go out as fast as they come in on the shelves of our California retail outlets. The customer service team is ready to help you choose; whether you are searching online or actually visiting our store. Free shipping is available along with swift shipments all over USA. Paramedic services have hugely benefitted from our 24 x 7 commitment to Emergency Medical Services. Lives matter. This motto is critical to our philosophy of corporate social responsibility.

Our Condor Pack Insert, North American Rescue Squad Kit, Blackhawk S.T.O.M.P II Medical Pack,
Condor Foldout Medical Bag, Tactical Medical Solutions Drop Leg Pouch, Pelican 1550 EMS Case,
North American Rescue Rig Series Eagle IFAK Bags, 5ive Star Gear Israeli Paratrooper Style Shoulder Bag, Tactical Medical Solutions R-AID Bag will hold everything you need to save people with trauma and bodily wounds, injuries and burns, who are in urgent need of life-saving devices. These EMS bags are designed to carry a pair of medical scissors, a pen light, non-powdered gloves, safety goggles,
N95 Face Masks, Emesis or Biohazard Waste Bags, antibiotic ointment, Povidone Iodine Solution,
Instant Ice Packs, Pain Management Medication, Morphine for serious injury, a ballpoint pen with permanent black ink, plastic bags, activated charcoal, a baby bulb syringe, an IV Kit with syringes, a rescue blanket, sterile saline, medical gloves, dual head stethoscope, a CPR mask, the blood pressure cuff set, the folding Aluminum splint, small/medium/large trauma dressings, an adjustable cervical collar, Glucose gel, umbilical clamps, roller gauge, waterproof adhesive bandage or tape, triangular bandages, alcohol preparation pads, burn gel dressing, a resuscitation mask with a one-way valve, a nasal cannula, a non-rebreather mask, a manual suction unit, pulse oximeters, the tactical tourniquet, thermometers, defibrillatorsaccidents, toxins, heart attacks, drug overdose, suicide attempts, arson, robbery, attempted murder, larceny, lacerations, gas poisoning; we have you covered, and geared to be the life saver you are.

Whether you are a lifeguard, an EMS volunteer, or a certified paramedic you stare death in the eye not flinching for a moment. Because you know; with a Good Samaritan by your side life can triumph.