Gun Cases


In your hunt for better Tactical Gear Gun Cases don’t miss out on what we offer.

LA Police Tactical Gear Gun Cases are sought out for their elegance and style. They are sturdy, durable and discreet in design and perfect for carrying projectile weapons or accurized scoped long guns involved in precision shooting.

Our value for money tactical gear weapons cases ensure protection for your firearm along with convenient transportation. Tactical pockets and polyester pouches offer more storage for your ammo, gun cleaning kits, ear-buds, and oil. Whether a green military fabric bag or a hard shell handgun case, we offer lifetime warranty, double stitching, thick wall construction, lockable double throw latches, double layer high density foam inserts, Silica gel canisters for moisture removal, the Alice & MOLLE Grid System for layering a variety of equipment, carrying options like hook & hoop (D-ring), adjustable handle or backpack straps.

The choices are many; the LA Police Gear Single 42’’ Rifle Case with Shoulder Strap, the 5.11 Tactical Single Pistol Case 58724, the Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Single Gun Case, the Condor Shotgun Scabbard, the Blackhawk Sportster Pistol Rug, the Condor Transporter Black Rifle Case, Tactical Tailor Pistol Gun Rug, Condor Sniper Drag Bag, Blackhawk Long Gun Drag Bag, 5.11 Tactical Urban Sniper Bag, the Condor Shotgun Scabbard MultiCam, Blackhawk Rifle Cases - the sophistry of our tactical gear gun cases will surprise you.

Lightweight, snug fit, durable, and reliable gun cases that keep moisture out to prevent your guns and rifles from rust, our tactical gear gun cases come with Polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings, padlock protectors and O-ring seals that give you a tongue and groove fit for your camera and laptop as well.

Our tactical gear cases are popular in military and police circles with field officers and first responders, who have vouched for their quality and utility. Choose from single or double rifle slots, gun cases with Pre-cut foam for AR-15 rifles, or soft, hard or Plano cases.

Another add-on that police officers and CHP officers have liked is the automatic pressure equalization valve that releases air pressure but keeps out moisture. Our Plano range has rugged construction with watertight DRI-LOC seals. Most of our tactical gear gun cases can fit comfortably into the trunk of your car or military jeep.

For some outdoor action choose from our G-Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical “Hardside” Case, the G-Outdoors G.P.S. Deceit and Discreet Large Day Planner, the G-Outdoors Tactical AR Case, the Tactical Tailor Universal Hard Case 100, the 5.11 Tactical Double Tap Pistol Case 58724, Uncle Mike’s Tactical Submachine Gun Case, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear MOLLE Shotgun Scabbard, the G-Outdoors G.P.S. Custom Molded Pistol Case, NcSTAR Tactical Rifle Scabbard Digital Camo, Blackhawk Sportster Tactical Carbine Case, Blackhawk Padded Scope and Crown Protector, Blackhawk SOCOM Pistol Case,
the G-Outdoors G.P.S. Deceit and Discreet Jumper Cable Case, Tuff Products Tacllet Jr., and the Safariland 4552 Dual Rifle Case. They come in brown, green, grey, black and stripes.

Our fast moving inventory includes the Blackhawk 48 Inch Scoped Rifle bag, Uncle Mike’s 3 Gun Competition Bag, Blackhawk Sportster Modular Weapons Case, Blackhawk Weapons Transport Cases, High Speed Gear Range Day Pistol Case, 5ive Star Gear DDB-5S Deluxe Drag Bag, Hatch A6 Munitions Bag,  the Galco Canvas & Leather Travel Gun Slip, TUFF Products Tactical Rifle Case, Red Rock Outdoor Single Rifle Case, the Maxpedition Silver-II Gun Case 1105, the Pelican iM3100 Storm Long Case. These gun cases get stocked on our shelves as fast as they get out. Visit the stores in Los Angeles or make an online purchase. Our 24x7 live chat is always ready to help you make an informed decision.

Whether heavy duty or light, our tactical gear gun cases are airline approved. Their inner foam padding makes them shock resistant and therefore easily transportable as discreet hand luggage on short and long haul flights.

We recommend lightweight gun cases for frequent transportation, lengthy gun cases for your hunting rifles, discreet gun cases when travelling via domestic or international airports, dual latched gun cases to prevent theft, and damage from water, dust and moisture. Heavy duty gun cases should come with wheels attached to them, and tactical gear gun cases with modifiable foam inserts will carry everything you need for a functional trip. Our best in budget tactical gear gun cases have all these attributes and more. Weatherproofing, foam inserts, dimensions, locking mechanisms - our discreet designs accommodate all of these prerequisites for innovatively designed tactical gear weapons cases for Police Officers, CHP Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies and Military Personnel. Security guards have also bought our tactical rifle bag as better value for money propositions.